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    Accelerator the Advent Human WIP

    Accelerator the Advent Human WIP Empty Accelerator the Advent Human WIP

    Post by Ika Mazi (Jeff) on Thu Aug 06, 2015 1:12 am

    [PERSONALITY:] He can change the vector values of anything by touch; for example, he kills a Sister clone by reversing the flow of blood inside her body after putting his finger inside her wound. Furthermore, this ability is automatic, so projectiles like bullets or explosives have no effect on him, as they will be redirected, even if he is unaware of their presence. He must consciously allow things like gravity and light to affect him. It is because of his ability that he has an albino appearance, as his "reflection" blocks all unnecessary ultraviolet radiation, thereby preventing the skin from manufacturing melanin. However, if one can find their way "around" his redirection ability (as demonstrated by Touma and Kihara Amata), it is shown to be rather useless, marking Accelerator as a Glass Cannon due to having a strong ability but a somewhat weak body (you can manage to bring him down to his feet in only around 7-10 blows).

    Accelerator has been targeted by assassins serving companies, people, and or governments/private entities wanting to harness his overwhelming natural abilities for years, and as such has become a fairly distrusting person that trusts few other than himself. His beliefs as an individual basically revolve around one key concept, that concept being power. He wants to have power to protect himself, and to destroy those around him whom do him harm. Accelerator is selfish, he cares little for the feelings, beliefs or condition of others unless they’re small children or something of the like. He can be made to care, it just certainly takes some outside interference, and it must ultimately show up at his doorstep, as he will not go out of his way for matters of compassion by any means.

    While in combat, Accelerator thrives as a sadistic, nonchalant individual hellbent on destruction, pain, and devastation.  He enjoys fighting those strong enough to present a challenge for him and even more so enjoys those select few who can hold the claim of being even more powerful than he is. Due to the power granted by his natural abilities, and the overwhelming hatred he has for people in general, he is a reckless individual within combat and borders on insanity. He remains focused on his goal or goals in combat and the goal/goals are to kill whoever opposes him, and to have fun doing so. Weaker opponents usually fall victim to his tedious and otherwise unrelenting power levels, and he’s known to be very sadistic in combat. Inflicting pain on others is almost like a game to him, and in this regard he is truly one of the scariest characters you could ever have the displeasure of coming across.  

    More interesting than this is the reason he wants power, in a way Accelerator is somewhat like a Pacifist. He wants to get stronger and stronger only so that no one would dare raise a finger against him, the idea that someone would do that to him drives him insane, he’s tired of being targeted and as such wants to become strong enough to where he cannot be a target. He often even goes as far as trying to talk down weaker opponents, and keep them from fighting him knowing the damage in which he can cause and the relative ease in which he can do so. His ambitions are definitely one of the more interesting aspects of his character, as the passive-aggressive dynamic to his otherwise Sadistic Character hardly seems fitting. Regardless of his ambitions, mistaking him for someone to let you live after the fact is a mistake many have made and none can claim success, in fact, none of them can claim much of anything anymore.

    Another interesting aspect of Accelerators character is the overwhelming air of arrogance he gives off in battle and in life regardless of circumstance. Those stronger or weaker are generally looked at about the same in terms of value and respect, and he legitimately feels as though he is inherently better than whatever competition is stupid enough to stand before him. This aspect of his character carries over to how he acts in social situations as well, completely unwilling to acknowledge any form of power or status over him and generally speaking, he is willing to push the limits of anyone. He is known for getting a rush in combat when fighting someone stronger than himself, and although rarely the initial instigator to a battle he does not have a problem in continuing a fight by any means, in fact, he almost revels in it. He does not enjoy combat for the glory of it, but for the knowledge of his growing power and the necessity of it to him.

    Though he has few qualms with killing out of necessity, he has certainly shown a small capacity for empathy where it has room to be granted without risk. He envies those who can protect those around them and themselves without having to be ultra violent and murderous, and almost seems to idolize those who can protect themselves and others in the fashion of a true hero. He is almost like a lost child wrapped in a layer of darkness, though there is light in him if you dig deeply enough. He does not enjoy killing those that he does not have to, though it’s more of an internal battle than an external one and his external demeanor typically does not depict the internal struggles he has when he’s forced to take the lives of others. He refuses to show this side of himself to anyone however, as he does not want to come across as weak, and he does seem somewhat aware of the way other people think of him, and as such he conducts himself in a way in which they’re unlikely to think differently of him, just as he prefers.

    Another thing worth note about Accelerator is the sheer psychopathy in which he displays on an external level while fighting, he outwardly expresses pleasure in combat with maniacal laughing and grinning ear to ear. Worse than this is the general disregard he can show towards his enemies, and the true sense of despair he can put into those against him as the way he works instills a sickening sense of predator becoming the prey in the enemy, and coupled with his sadistic tendencies they know that almost promises the end of their days. Couple this with the sociopathic tendencies he displays when dispatching those weaker than him, and the intoxicatingly crazed demeanor he displays on the whole, and it’s no wonder why so many people fear him. He does not know how to control his power when he gets going, nor has he ever shown any intentions of learning how to, as he generally regards the unpredictable nature of his power to be intimidating enough to keep some people away from him, and on top of that, he’s not entirely confident that he truly could control while enraged.

    One of the more interesting aspects of Accelerators character that was briefly touched on earlier, is his admiration for those playing the hero role and his almost crazed tendencies towards trying to fit that mold himself, which works almost in spite of himself. It has gotten to the point where he considers himself evil, simply due to the fact that he does not believe he can fit that role of a Hero at this current point in time. To put it rather simply, Accelerator constantly struggles internally with his own version of his redemption, he wants to redeem himself and forever cast himself as light of the world, instead of being viewed as such an overwhelming darkness. With this in mind it is not overly surprising to think that in some cases Accelerator has a tendency to overdo things in his attempts at redemption, and the problems they can cause for him and others can make it work to an almost opposite effect by accident or by simple circumstance. On top of this, his capacity for feelings necessary to be what he wants to be, is a work in progress to say the very least.

    Accelerator is a rather cynical person being fairly distrusting of almost any and all human endeavors, regardless of the claimed intentions and or the possible outcomes of said endeavors. He hates the power he holds over man and even more so loathes the reasons why he has said power over them, and often makes it a point to try and conceal his power whenever possible, it is only upon the occasion that he is recognized, pushed to his limits by an unlucky person with bad intentions, or when he decides it is worth his while to protect the livelihood of someone he deems to be innocent in whatever manner of which he deems them as such. Despite this, he carries himself with a very passive and otherwise apathetic demeanor that is certainly suited to the purposes in which he has set out for himself. Despite this, it is also openly his true social and inner nature to be this way as well, as he is generally a go where the wind takes you kind of person, and he rarely has any form of a sense of direction. He has always had thoughts in the back of his mind about working towards something greater, but he’s never truly had the opportunity to do so and on top of that, he would almost certainly expect the relationship to be mutually beneficial, or heavily leaned in his favor even. If it did not benefit him on a large scale, it would be very hard to convince him to join someone and give them the rights to his powers, much less grant them the fleeting hopes of their usage in combat.

    One key point in Accelerators personality as an individual is his rather distinct personality, which can be slightly unnerving for some while putting others at some form of ease; though this is usually in large part dependent on if you’re on his good or bad side. Accelerator is considered to be an overwhelmingly anti-social character usually partaking in the bare-minimum human interaction that he has to, and even less if he can find a way to avoid it. He displays some forms of simple and more practical etiquette in day to day life, generally thanking those who do good deeds for him or those he likes, and apologizing if he messes up something or makes some sort of mistake, and he is generally regarded as a quiet introverted individual. This is not far from the truth, as any hopes of a social life or the ability to freely communicate with the typical human being has been pretty much removed from his mind, as he cannot trust most people enough to take interest in them nor can he truly believe they have enough legitimate interest in him as to where he would divulge any pressing details of his life. As such, little is known about Accelerators whereabouts, and it is generally accepted that he is a wanderer of sorts thriving and living off of whatever he can, and shacking up in similar fashion, usually sleeping in abandoned hotels and houses whenever he finds them, and he often walks aimlessly town to town. He is truly what one would consider aimless in his physical pursuits.

    An aspect of Accelerators personality that few people truly get to see and tell about is his darker side, and what I mean by darker is his truly chaotic evil side that he tries so desperately to hide, though it does sometimes surface and the odds of this are certainly amplified in the heat of combat. A lot of this was touched on earlier, but it was never touched on as to how truly evil he can be, and there is plenty of it in his heart when it decides to raise it’s ugly head; in spite of how much this bothers him he does often allow himself to enter this darker, scarier version of himself and he hardly ever looks back. When he is in this form his sadistic tendencies are doubled, maybe even tripled, and his tendencies towards maniacal and or otherwise psychopathic behaviors are amplified to the absolute extremes of possible character. He becomes extremely vindictive and unaware of the world around him, apathetic to the screams and pleas of those unlucky enough to get in his way, uncaring towards his increasingly sadistic nature and the pain he causes and he almost forgets the pain he endures while fighting. In this dark rage that he gets into, little short of death can stop him and he will kill anything that gets in the way of whatever poor asshole was dumb enough to become the object of his frustrations. In this way he is sometimes almost like a spoiled child, a very spoiled, very sadistic child, hellbent on destroying, dismantling, and removing any and all things he deems to be opposition to himself and his goals.

    One of the drawbacks of Accelerators overwhelming defensive capabilities as a fighter and their practical uses in real life, is that he is not truly used to experiencing levels of pain consistent with those of typical long, drawn out fights. His abilities are so good at allowing him to avoid damage and to incapacitate his foes while doing so that he has simply never truly had to build up any form of physical pain tolerance, and this translates to many things on and off the battlefield. He can overcome levels of pain that are insane no doubt, but pain certainly has a much different impact on him than it has on most and unless he is in one of his blind dark rages it can work as a hindrance to his overall abilities as a fighter, and an untimely distraction in many cases. There have been times in Accelerators life where has been near death and in pain and he does have the adrenaline reserves to serge through this at times if ever the need occurs, but as a general rule, in prolonged battle with multiple injuries, he is at a severe disadvantage the longer it gets drawn out. The only thing that benefits him to an extent is at times his abilities work on their own by default, and as such he only has to manually control them when and if he wants to. Due to this, it is improbable that his abilities defensively would fall off to drastically regardless of damage inflicted.

    Characteristics of Accelerators personality in social habitats are extremely hard to define as he tends to avoid them when possible, but he has shown the capacity to make friends with those he can admire to a small extent and those that he can truly convince himself have no intentions of hurting him in any way, shape, or form. If the criteria for Accelerators companionship are met he is a very loyal person willing to risk life and limb to keep those close to him safe, through any means necessary and although he wishes he could keep them save them heroically, and with less violence at the forefront of his overall protection, he understands the intimidation that goes along with his violent streak and is understanding of the fact that it is not within his control. He is okay with dispatching people and even murder in large quantities to save a single life if the life is of someone of worth to him. Over time, Accelerator’s desire for power has grown to be not only for his own protection and so that people will not challenge him, but as intimidation and his own form of protection to those he holds dear. With this in mind it is plain to see that Accelerator is certainly one of the more intriguing characters you can come across in your travels, but crossing him personally is not something many would advise one to do.


    Accelerator is a lanky teenager with pale white features all around, moppy white hair that falls right above his eyes in a spiky fashion, and his eyes are a blood red color matching the typical scenery of which they endure. He keeps up with his hygiene surprisingly and has pearly white teeth and a well trimmed face to show for it, he has no facial hair of any kind and he has no plans on trying for any. His skin is as white as it is because his abilities block even the sun’s ultraviolet rays, thus stopping melanin production leaving him little to no true chance of getting a tan no matter how hard he were to try, not that him trying for one is exactly a likely possibility. On top of this, his abilities also block outside influence so much that it causes a loss of balance in his hormones leading to an almost androgynous appearance leading some to question his gender, though he certainly appears male and has the male sexual features and mental aspects overall. His slim build coupled with his stature certainly gives him the much expected appearance of a teenage boy, especially when coupled with his somewhat messy style of dress and primping, as such, despite his upkeep of hygiene, he can still have a somewhat apathetic appearance overall.

    On top of his interesting physical figure, Accelerators style of dress is unique to say the least, and matches his physical appearance very well being almost a perfect compliment regardless of what he decides to be wearing at any given time. Accelerator has a well documented affinity for primarily white clothing with black and or grey as the secondary colors and trims, and this color code is generally followed head to toe at all times regardless of circumstances and what they would typically permit and or ask for. He has three pairs of skinny jeans, black, white, and grey, he has baggy grey sweatpants in his wardrobe, and several shirts with similar color schemes. One his preferred shirts is a black shirt with white striped patterns, and another favorite of his is a white shirt with V patterns down the center, and he also frequently uses a black electrode enhanced choker allowing him access to any and all networks to perform calculations for him whenever he deems this necessary. On top of this, he usually wears black, grey, or white Chucks/Converses, and socks to match the color scheme of his pants which usually cover them primarily. He also wears 3 different belts, a black belt, a white belt, and a grey one each made to compliment a particular attire.

    Typically, Accelerators physical demeanor borders on nonchalant apathy mixed in with a mild sense of disdain for any and all people within his particular area, expression of true happiness is an incredibly rare event for Accelerator, and as such he is usually labeled as being somewhat depressed as an individual. He carries himself with a mild slouch when he walks or stands up in an almost defiant posture reflective of his inner feelings of apathy towards most of the things taking place around him at any given time. When speaking in a manner of other physical mannerisms, if he is being sarcastic or scathing he can be either cold and expressionless or grinning maniacally and overly excited, it’s all largely dependent upon his mood at any given time. When he walks he typically has his hands jammed in his pockets and he rests his eyes rather often, though he is typically consciously aware of his surroundings, furthermore Accelerators physical dimensions put him at just over 5’7, and roughly 120 pounds, with size 9 shoes in Converse. He very rarely leaves his distinct posture without reason, and more often than not that reason must be a fight. With this in mind, his appearance and visible behaviors change immensely when he is in combat....

    When in combat, Accelerator turns the switch to cold, callous prick as stated above and his look external mannerisms outdo the hype surrounding him, and create a very ominous air of fear about him. When he's enraged or gains an upper hand, he grins ear to ear and laughs wildly, as if life in itself is just a game he can end at any time, and his cold red eyes take on the role of something like a mirror, reflecting what he soon thinks his opponent will become. Nothing but a red stain on the fabric of an area, a mild aesthetic inconvenience for those responsible for an areas upkeep to clean up, and this isn't the worst part. The worst part is probably the way he moves, as he barely has to do so before his Reitsu completes the action for him, guiding him like a suit of armor unto himself, leading to an incredible unpredictability about him and this augments his physical features such as strength and speed an absurd amount.

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