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    Kurai App (old format)

    Luke Yasenha
    Luke Yasenha

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    Kurai App (old format) Empty Kurai App (old format)

    Post by Luke Yasenha on Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:17 pm

    Who are you?

    Name: Kurai (Dark)
    Alias: earned IC
    Age: 24
    Age of Appearance: 24
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Mod Soul
    Character Alignment: Lawful good


    Kurai App (old format) Women%20long%20hair%20red%20eyes%20artwork%20anime%20black%20hair%201920x1357%20wallpaper_www.animemay.com_35

    She has long, silky black hair that runs to her waist and is left loose to leave it flowing free in the wind and has the look of hair that is well looked after and cleaned by Kurai constantly washing it every time she takes a bath or shower. She has blood-red eyes that are full of love and a will to care about others, being also full of hope for a future where she can find love in all things.

    She has a well-shape facial line with smooth, peach skin, a cute nose and very kissable lips, she also has a somewhat adorable red luminescent blush on her face, she normally appears both sexy and adorable at the same time, sometimes coming across as naive but having a largely kind and caring soul, taking care of her master/mistress when she is in use as the traditional way for shinigami to eject from their Gigai or while in her own, specially made Gigai, taking care of her master, Luke as well as being his bed partner to keep him company while he sleeps, always with a lovely smile and always willing to help those she loves, even if that someone is a enemy of the Gotei 13.

    Kurai is about six foot one inches in height with a what most would call a "Buxom" or "voluptuous" body, with a well-round ass and a D-cup breast size, which stick out her clothes most of the time, especially her breasts which are one of her most noticeable features, her frame is tall but slender and smooth, having well manicured finger and toenails, normally painted a dark red, her favorite color, although she will change the color depending on what outfit she is wearing.

    Style/Clothing: Kurai has a wide range of clothing from all her shopping sprees in both the world of the living and the soul society but her standard attire consists of a dark red version of a shinigami's Shihakushō with a black flame carefully stitched into the back of the Shihakushō which she decorates with a black obi sash, done up in the Nagoya style with the back done up in a butterfly like fashion, she wears tradition Zōri footwear with black soles and a red Y-shape strap that goes in between the first and second toe on either foot with a small heel or a pair of polished red high heel pumps like these:

    High Heels apperance:
    Kurai App (old format) Leather-red-high-heel-shoes

    For casual wear, she wears a simple red dress with a long skirt and floral lace upper and long sleeves, the top of the shoulders and the top of the chest are exposed for people's viewing pleasure of her most generous body, the dress looks like this, only with a skirt that reaches down to her lower legs:

    Dress Appearance:
    Kurai App (old format) 5B456DB6

    For her nightwear, she wears a black and red babydoll with red lace trim over the chest that finishes as red ribbon and ties at the center of her chest, From bust to waist, the babydoll sits open at the front showing off her midriff, she also wears a black sheer string with matching red lace trim, the babydoll looks like this:

    Babydoll Appearance:
    Kurai App (old format) 51zRPhHK9EL._SX342_

    For formal events, she wears a red and black kimono, the bottom of the kimono decorated with black flames raising up near the waist with a silk black obi sash done the same as in her normal attire and she wears the same Zōri footwear as well, although she wears a rose hairpin with two red ribbons that flow along the back end of the hairpin, the hairpin itself is attached on the right side of her hair at the front as a extra accessory.

    Tattoo's/Scars/Etc: None

    Personality: Kurai is a kind hearted individual who has a passion to seek love in all things, no matter who they are, she believes that there is goodness in all, she can also tell when someone is in emotional pain or suffering on the inside, her voice is warm and even more at times but also has a reassuring tone that helps people close by to calm down and relax.

    Although during times of pleasure, her personality changes, actively pursuing sexual intercourse with anyone or anything, regardless of gender, rank or species, her voice becomes lustful and full of her desire to fully engage with her partner, even if it is a enemy of the shinigami, she will go out her way to fulfil her desires and be with her lovers, even if it cost her life as a mod soul.

    When in her normal state, she enjoys the company she keeps, especially her lovers and children, which she enjoys watching them play and look after them which reminds her about wanting a child of her own, both which make her happy, when her lustful nature takes over, she'll seek out her lovers and make love to them until she is satisfied as well as her partner at the time.

    When meeting new people, she comes across as shy, normally hiding behind her friends or whoever is close by as well as her blush deepening in colour until she gets to know the person she is meeting, which then her shyness lessens and will open up more, although sometimes when meeting a potential lover, she is overexcited and is prone to tackling the person in question and speaking quickly with her excitement for the person in question.

    When facing an opponent like a hollow or anyone that threatens her lovers or someone she cares about, she'll react almost automatically, entering a state similar to slaughter mode and will take out the threat with extreme prejudice and with no remorse for the target she is going to attack, after the battle, this state will wear off, leaving Kurai with no memory of what happened after that state was achieved.

    When Kurai is sad or depressed, her eyes reflect that state, becoming distant, even with tears filling her eyes and will retreat somewhere to cry until someone else intervenes.

    Kurai normally enjoys parties, especially if her lovers are there for some extra "fun" if her lustful side comes out again but for the most part, keep to herself, speaking politely and offering her help in case it is of need.

    When her lover/s or her friends are in danger, she'll rush to their rescue, despite being overpowered or outnumbered, she'll risk her own life to get them back.

    (For Likes, Dislikes, Ambitions, etc, go for 1-3 sentences per point, more if you wish.)


    • Roses: Kurai loves roses as they represent love and having them on her person most of the time to show how she shows her love for all things.
    • Shopping: What girl doesn't? well, Kurai is no exception as she'll actively try to buy new clothing from dress to underwear to jewellery, whatever you can think of, she'll be buying it.
    • Being in ecstasy: Kurai loves being in the pitfalls of pleasure, regardless of who she is with, she'll easily submit if she's in the throes of pleasure.
    • Being warm: Kurai enjoys being warm as her nature as a fire type mod soul but also extends to being in the arms of her lovers, being in their embrace makes her feel both warm and safe, which gives her great comfort in knowing.
    • Strawberry chill cheesecake: Kurai has a love for strawberry cheesecake with a chilly sweet sauce, which gives her both pleasure and gets her hot inside, ready for later intercourse with her lovers.


    • Turquoise: Kurai has a dislike for the colour turquoise, simply due to it not matching her body or helps to show off her body in anyway.
    • Bullies: Kurai shares this trait with Luke as they both share a dislike for people bullying the weak or helpless.
    • See people suffer: Kurai hates seeing someone in pain, either physically or mentally or both, either way, she'll do what she can to ease their pain with her whole being.
    • Mud baths: Kurai can't stand mud and mud baths are the worst incarnation of that as she doesn't see the point of how mud makes one more beautiful.
    • Being denied her lust: Kurai, in her lust mode, can't stand being held back from her desires or being stopped from orgasming by her lover, more then often, she'll either fight whoever is holding her back from her desires or beg for release.


    • One of Kurai's dreams is to bare children of her own one day.
    • Another of Kurai's dreams is to be married to as many of her lovers as physically possible to have in her life.
    • Kurai shares the believe with Luke that sharing one's pain and being able to relate to others can bring peace, she also uses this believe to share her love as well with everyone she meets.


    • Heart of Gold: Kurai has a heart of gold: being caring to a fault, sharing her love with anyone and everyone she meets, she's also generous and will help those in need, even if they are enemies.
    • Loyalty: Kurai is loyal to a fault, especially to her lovers to the point she'll defy any rules to see them again.
    • Friendly persona: Kurai has a natural warm and friendly personality, which is also reflected in her reiatsu as it radiates these feelings to others.
    • Great social skills: Kurai has a great ability for social interactions, especially gossiping to her lovers or friends about anything and everything.
    • Mother's instinct: Kurai also has a type of natural mother's instinct which helps her look after children as well as feeding her need for a child of her own.

    Fears & Weaknesses:

    • Being Abandoned: Kurai fears being abandoned by her lovers and her friends, leaving her without anyone to share her love with nor anyone to give her pleasure or give pleasure to.
    • Squad Twelve: Kurai has a rational fear of squad twelve due to her creation at their hands while being poked and prodded by them, makes her quite nervous around them.
    • Unwilling to fight: Kurai is unwilling to fight others and, as noted by Luke, is only good for dealing with low-level hollows, any others would be too much for her to bare.
    • betrayal: Kurai fears being betrayed by her lovers or close friends, which ties in with her fear with being abandoned, which is why she makes sure they won't leave her and she's clingy to her friends, especially her lovers.
    • Easily scared: Kurai is easily frightened and keeps hiding behind others who have more backbone then herself.

    Kaizo Konpaku Specifics

    Container Appearance: Red Soul Candy
    Host Object: Specially-made Gigai
    Host Name: Kurai

    Battle Specs

    Fighting Style: Kurai is normally a long range fighter, relying on her black flames to keep enemies at bay or using her bow of flames to take out enemies from afar, although she can shape the flames to better use them in close quarters combat.

    Modified Ability: (Personal abilities are special powers unique to your character, such as being able to put your enemies into an illusion trance by touching them, or being able to turn your energy into solid dirt permanently. These are traits your character was either born with or attained through special circumstances. They cannot be taught to or learned by others. Examples would be fire elemental reiatsu, unnaturally sharp reiatsu sensing, and genetic mutations.)Limit: 2

    Name: Black Flames
    Effect: Kurai's main feature is that she is able to control a extreme hot version of normal flames, these flames she controls with her mind alone, using her hands to guide her flames she summons to attack targets.

    Name: Lust brainstorm
    Effect: at Luke's request, Kurai's brain in her specially-made gigai was modified so during her lust mode, she has knowledge of every sexual act, position, fetish and styles of every sexual act ever devised, giving her great knowledge of pleasuring everyone and anything she comes across.

    Mod Techniques:

    (These are moves your character was taught or trained and developed on their own. They are things anyone would be able to learn and perform unless they are dependent on your unique race or abilities. Examples are custom shunpo variations, hakuda/zanjutsu techniques, and using your reiatsu on an object to simulate telekinesis.) Limit 8

    Technique Name: Bow of black flames
    Technique Description: Kurai can shape a bow of black flames in a similar way that a quincy manifests their bow, only using the flames to form and shape it and fire arrows of the same flames, these are only strong enough to destroy menos-class hollows, anything above that will only take some burn damage. Lasts for four posts, at any time the bow is deactivated, cool down is two posts.

    Technique Effect Chart:

    *The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

    Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: opponent will be heavily damage and will have serious burns covering the body with some parts still on fire for another post unless put out.
    Opponent is One Tier Lower: opponent will be greatly damaged with some heavy burns and some parts on fire which will stay lit on fire for another post unless put out.
    Opponent is Equal Tier: opponent will have a good amount of damage with some burns and some parts on fire which will stay like that for one post unless put out.
    Opponent is One Tier Higher: opponent will have little damage on hem, with some light burns and some of their clothing or anything else on fire, which will remain burning for one post unless put out.
    Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: opponent will take the least amount of damage, with light exterior burns on the skin and some clothing or anything else maybe on fire, which will continue to burn for one post unless put out.

    Technique Name: Sphere of black flames
    Technique Description: Kurai uses the black flames to create a sphere of black flames over herself plus anyone near her to protect protection from tier 4-2 opponents, anything above that can break through the flames. Requires four post cool down before reuse.

    Technique Effect Chart:

    *The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

    Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Sphere lasts for four posts, causing decent burn damage to the surrounding area and to anyone trying to break it open with their hands.
    Opponent is One Tier Lower: Sphere lasts for three posts, causing good amounts of burn damage to the surrounding area and to anyone trying to break it open with their hands.
    Opponent is Equal Tier: Sphere lasts for two posts, causing minimum burn damage to the surrounding area and it can be torn open by focusing reiatsu to the hands and breaking the flames apart.
    Opponent is One Tier Higher: Sphere can only protect her for a single attack before breaking open like a egg, same applies to above tiers.

    Technique Name: Imperial black flame funeral (Teikoku kurohomura sōgi)
    Technique Description: Kurai uses her flames to surround an enemy from all sides before making them raise around it, making a oval-shape sphere before she crushes the sphere into them, capable of incinerating low-level hollows, anything stronger will only take burn damage. requires six post cool down.

    Technique Effect Chart:

    *The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

    Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: most targets Take extreme third degree burns to the entire body.
    Opponent is One Tier Lower: Most targets take severe burns to their entire body.
    Opponent is Equal Tier: Most targets take a decent amount to their entire body.
    Opponent is One Tier Higher: Most targets take a good amount to their entire body.
    Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Has no effect at all as it can be blocked simply with their natural reiatsu.

    Host Body

    Host Power/Ability: (These abilities are pertaining to the body that you are currently using. Was the body previously a quincy or shinigami's? Or was it created for the mod soul. Tell us what their body is capable of.) Max of 1

    Ability Name: Fetish Shape shifter
    Ability Description: Kurai, in her specially-made gigai, is able to detect someone's fetish and her body will change depending on the fetish the person has.

    Host Techniques: (These are techniques available only to the Host Body. Limit 4)

    Technique Name: Slaughter Mode
    Technique Description: A state of mind that Kurai enters when attacked or harmed, while in this mode; her eyes become cloudy and distant as she will actively go after anyone she believes is a enemy: whether its a hollow or otherwise; Mode lasts from the post of activation until the end of battle.

    Tell me your story..


    Kurai was born from the female part of Luke's Soul and represents his female side and his desires and made by squad twelve to his order, although she was poked and prodded by them as they tested both her soul candy and her Gigi in the experiment to see if it was possible to create mod souls from a fragment of a shinigami's soul.

    before her specially made Gigi was ready, Luke took her out to the world of the living to test her abilities where she managed to take on a hollow with her imperial black flame funeral before meeting Utsu sometime after, hitting it off as soon as she saw her before going on a shopping spree with her in Luke's Gigi.

    After this, she met mercry, the tenth seat of squad ten and found another love interest, although she was a lot more shy and reserved at the time before being tested again by Luke under orders where both her and mercry defended themselves against unseated squad eleven members under the rampage effect of Luke's shikai, she plans to obtain his love at some point in the future and hopes that her feelings for him will be returned with equal measure.

    When she Meets Mercry:

    When Kurai was first introduced:

    Rp Sample:

    (From my Role play: "Memories of long time past")

    Luke was rather thankful Epizon picked him up and sorted their passes to the world of the living, they dashed through, Epizon telling him it was going to be ok, the pain in his gut grew stronger as they neared the end of the path, exiting into the world of the living, where Epizon helped him off his back but still supporting him with his arm, asking him if he was ok, Luke grabbed his stomach.

    "It hurts still but I feel this will lead me to where I need to go, I' fine" Luke said, letting go of Epizon to descend to Karakura town, the wind passing down his face before flipping onto his feet to land on the ground, he looked around for a few minutes, letting the dragging sensation in his gut guide him to the spot and if one was skilled enough or familiar enough with his spiritual pressure, they could find the last trace amounts of his old spiritual pressure, left when he got hit by a truck over four hundred years ago, Luke's head suddenly jerked as he fell to his knees, his head clicking and looking towards the night sky, his eyes glowed black and black mist billowed out his mouth as he had another flashback...

    (Flashback start)

    ...It was a wonderful day, the sun shining as he walked with his mother, she had soft features and white hair that glowed in the light of the sun, she was holding Luke's hand, he was about six, wearing a small boy's black T-shirt and trousers while wearing small black and red trainers, his hair was cut short but he still had his piecing blood red eyes that scared some of his primary school friends, it made Luke sad to know they were scared of his eyes and had cried to his mother many times about it but she always had a way to calm him down and get him smiling again, although he had "borrowed" a pair of his sister's black panties from the drawer, feeling more comfortable in them while he wasn't at school, he then noticed one of his school friends getting bullied by some older boys from the high school, she was crying while the older boys were beating her, he looked at his mom with a worried but determined look in his blood red eyes.

    "Mom, I'll be right back" Luke told her before running off towards the bullies who were hurting his friend, one was about to punch her but when he punched, Luke was there to grab his fist, although his arm was shaking, he managed to hold it, he looked at them with his blood red eyes, the bully seeing those eyes suddenly felt a cold chill down his spine before Luke spoke, looking serious.

    "Leave...her...alone, if you want to bully someone, bully me" Luke told him, releasing his grip on his fist before the other bullies gathered their nerves.

    "Fine, if that's what you want, your creepy bastard" The bully said before him and his pals start beating and kicking him half to death in the alleyway while the girl could only look in horror, only imaging herself in Luke's position, once the bullies had gotten bored of Luke's cries of pain, the leader kicked him one more time in the gut before running away, the girl was sobbing at this point but to her amazement, Luke started to get up again, although he spat out some blood as he got onto one knee, his blood red eyes focused on the girl.

    "Are you ok...Aya-chan?" Luke said, his ribs hurt badly, it was kind of hard to breath properly and he felt winded but he had to check on Aya first, she came to him and helped him up.

    "Am I ok? what about you, Luke-kun? you look in really bad shape, they wanted to hurt me so they can go for my older sister, I'm so sorry you got dragged into this, Luke-kun" Aya said, tears falling onto her soft cheeks, she had taken a few blows and would have a large bruise on her abdomen but she was more concerned for Luke's current condition, Luke thanked her for the help and managed to stand and walk out the alleyway onto the street, where they came to a zebra crossing, Luke turned and smiled at Aya, holding her hand.

    "Don't worry, Aya-chan, Let me walk you home, I'm sure mom won't mind" Luke said, a wide smile on his face, almost to the point of looking goofy, Aya giggled at him and agreed to let Luke walk her home, they started to cross the zebra crossing when a truck suddenly started charging down the road towards them, Luke looked at Aya and sadness appeared on his face, Aya saw this with a confused expression on her face.

    "Luke-kun, what..." She never managed to finish her sentence as Luke, reacting quickly, pushed Aya back onto the pavement before just turning around to see the truck going into his body but his eye caught one thing before the truck hit: a man standing to the side with a dagger, it looked bloodstained, he had black hair but with some silver tones, he had deep, ocean blue eyes and a long coat but couldn't see any other details just before the truck crushed his body while the screams of Aya rang in his ears, screaming his name as the adults start to come round to the scene, the truck driver also came out, it was this point that Luke left his body, becoming a plus, crawling away towards his mother's home; a japanese house in the other town and he had no idea how he was going to get there, he was cold and lonely so he found a lightpost and laid down next to it, he noticed there was a man standing next to him, he was wearing a samurai's outfit as far as Luke knew from watching some samurai films when he thought his parents weren't looking, with a katana at his side, he crawled over and tugged on the man's legging to get his attention.

    "Excuse me, mister, can you help me?" Luke asked him, scared and confused as the man seemed to be watching what was going on the street, Aya was being held back by her mother, screaming his name before hugging and sobbing into her mother's arms, her sister; a sixteen year old from karakura high school who the bullies were after was in shock, especially after Aya told them between sobs what had happened, Luke saw a ambulance come and what he saw them lift was terrifying beyond his wildest imagination; he saw they carrying what was left of his mangled body, he saw his own blood running out his mouth, his neck was twisted to the side, broken beyond repair, his ribs were broken and had pierced his lungs, his left arm had broken in three places and he had broken his right leg as the joint between his upper leg and his pelvis had popped out and shattered in the crash, his eyes were shaded over, even if he could see them, they would be void of life, now just a empty shell, Luke felt like throwing up and he promptly did, heaving on the pavement, the man finally turned around to see the puking little boy plus and gently patted him on the back to help him get it out, once Luke had finally stopped puking, he looked up at the man's soft gaze.

    "Don't worry, child, it's ok, I'm here" He said and hugged Luke, Luke instantly started to tear up and started crying, sobbing into the man's clothing, the man hugged him tight, it was a terrifying experience to go through, let alone watch at such a young age, after a few minutes of crying, the man stopped hugging him but kept his hands on his shoulders as Luke wiped the tears from his eyes and looked at him through those deep, blood red orbs.

    "Listen to me, my child, there are going to be some nasty creatures coming to get you sooner or later and I want to spare you anymore pain but your going to have to trust me, ok?" The man told him gently, Luke sniffed and nodded.

    "Do what you have to, I don't want to see monsters anymore, they're scary" Luke told then man as he saw his mother, tears flowing out her eyes as she angerily yelled at the doctor to try and save his life but the doctor only shook his head and she broke down in tears, some of the mothers looked sad and came to comfort her, the man watched and nodded at Luke, bring his blade out and facing the handle to Luke, he was bringing it to press it against his forehead when he saw the man from just before coming from behind the man, dagger raised, he saw a feminine looking choker around his throat, he was about to cry out to warn the man before the handle pressed against his forehead and all he saw was a blue light and then nothing as then he had been born to his most recent parents: Yuki Yasenha and his late father: Hiroki Yasenha...

    (Flashback end)

    ...As Luke was watching this memory, the spiritual pressure fragment formed into a pulsing flame with red eyes and started to enter Luke's chest, wriggling to try and get in until the memory finished and it went in fully, joining back where it belonged while Luke woke up, the mist that poured from his mouth disappeared and his eyes stopped glowing fully black before trying to stand but couldn't and rolled onto the pavement where he threw Aya all those years ago to save her from being run over by the truck driver where he laid on his back and looked at the stars and the moon, he didn't know where Epizon was, he was drained from reliving the past, his vision going black as he looked at the moon, watching it one more time before he finally passed out completely...

    Kurai App (old format) Empty Re: Kurai App (old format)

    Post by Ika Mazi (Jeff) on Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:39 pm

    OKAYYYY Looooook.. Not doing smut here, remove all references to that and I'll check.

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