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    Menos Satellite

    Mx. Macquinarey

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    Menos Satellite

    Post by Mx. Macquinarey on Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:45 pm

    Item name: Menos Satellite

    A combination of hardware and hollow flesh, menos grande to be exact. This is a truly massive piece of equipment. It is equipped with extremely high quality magnifying devices for crystal clear images of distant land and space, radiation gathering cells for power collection, communication devices (including those for jamming signals) and other hardware. Though hardware appears to make up only a fourth of its makeup, and grafted menos grande appear to make up the rest, it's actually the other way around. The majority of this is made from hardware. Hardware is even inserted into the minds and bodies of the menos grande in order to control them while leaving only their desired abilities intact. This hardware also allows them to maintain life function while in the cold and harsh territory of space. This makes it a multifaceted satellite capable of serving the purposes of a navigational satellite, communication satellite, biosatellite, reconnoissance satellite and a killer satellite. Because of the living menos grande components it's capable of inter-dimensional travel through use of air gate or black cavity. Further still, it is directly linked to Mx. Macquinarey to receive commands and relay information and it enables him to hack other satellites.
    Effect: For now the satellite is used mostly for its advanced Negación creating ability. Hardware tells the menos grande to create Negación. The collective energies are funneled into a multi-chambered barrel and launched below. Negación is a technique held only by gillian class hollows that allows them to rescue their comrades. It takes the form of a beam of light which separates a target and places them in a separate place out of harms way by drawing the target to them. It still serves other functions that were previously listed: hacking, satellite imaging, etc. Despite being cero capable, no cero is powerful enough to survive the journey from space through the atmosphere to the ground.

    History: It was made to make navigating Hueco Mundo all the more easy. It was also made to be able to aid Mx. Macquinarey or his forces if they ever were in danger they couldn't overcome. The prototype for this satellite predates sputnik by three hundred years.

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