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    Mx. Macquinarey Research Facility; The Complex

    Mx. Macquinarey
    Mx. Macquinarey

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    Mx. Macquinarey Research Facility; The Complex

    Post by Mx. Macquinarey on Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:54 pm

    Item name: Mx. Macquinarey Research Facility; The Complex

    A large free floating chrome cube measuring 500' by 500'. Capable of high near mach 3 travel in record acceleration time. The inside of this complex is actually much larger than the outside would allow. However, due to pocket dimension technology the actual area in cubic feet is more than double. Each floor and room is not only separated by standard construction materials usually seen in cutting edge research facilities, but also finely tuned negaccion layers which separate the individual pocket dimensions forming each floor and specific high clearance only areas. The ship itself possesses automated reaction capabilities and follows voice commands of Mx. Macquinarey and other beings with secondary operating permission.

    Effect: Mac 7 Flight, Exploration, Inter-dimensional Travel, Negacion, etc..

    History: The research facility is the first successfully crafted technorganic body created by Mx. Macquinarey. It was originally made with select parts from Menos Grande and computer hardware. Over time, the mainframe fused with the brain matter and other central nervous system parts of the Gillian class Hollows that made it. It became a sentient form of sorts, with extremely limited means of expressing its own thoughts. It could be said that the facility is only just beginning to become sentient. Though it can follow detailed commands, it is even less sentient than a Menos Grande. In fact, to most, its potential sentience goes unnoticed.

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