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    Grizaz Esino (WIP)

    Grizaz Ezino

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    Grizaz Esino (WIP) Empty Grizaz Esino (WIP)

    Post by Grizaz Ezino on Fri Aug 14, 2015 12:53 am

    Name: Grizaz Ezino
    Alias: Him
    Age: 50 years old
    Age of Appearance: Early to Mid-Twenties
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Augmented Arrancar

    Character Alignment:Lawful Neutral

    Grizaz Esino (WIP) Executioner_by_darsy-d6a2lyd_zpsusbn1ol9

    Appearance: Grizaz is a handsome man of African American and Native American, and South American descent. His skin is a deep tan color and his head is full of tight dark curls. He has deep emerald eyes, a strong chiseled jawline and high cheekbones. He's an above average looking man in terms of attractiveness. His appearance now is what it was when he lived as a human in his twenties over twenty years ago. He stands at an average height of 5'11'' and weighs 175 lbs.

    Despite being subject to countless procedures, not a single one left noticeable scars or disfigurations.

    The gear he normally wears is gray in color with chrome finished accents. He's draped in silver toned fabrics, musculature accentuating chromium plating, and decked in high tech gadgets and weaponry. He wears a supply belt that holds his zanpakuto in a metal platted bottle on the very back of his belt. The majority of his body, save portions of his face, are covered by a chromium platted body suit which aids in controlling his reiatsu based abilities.

    He has a single mid length katana sheath diagonally strapped across his back. The sheath is twice as wide to accomidate both blades while giving the appearance of a single sword. The blades are a uniform color unless they are on his person, at which point, spiritual pressure condensing devises built in to the blades give off a green glow. They almost have the appearance of energy weapons.


    Grizaz is a warrior, assassin, and soldier. His lawful neutral personality type means he acts in accordance with both Mx. Macquinarey's law, and his own personal code. Order and organization have always been guiding life factors to him and they've helped him transition and find purpose in the afterlife. Though he promised to serve The Maker in exchange for his help, following orders of an organized ruling body is all that he knows. He favors the his new purpose and he's an Arrancar of his word.

    He's dependable, stern, and self-disciplined. Even now that he works for someone who gives him much in terms of freedom, he spends much of his free time honing his skills, studying what he doesn't completely comprehend, and learning the ways of his new world. He isn't completely cold-hearted however.

    He is happiest when reflecting on the few memories he's reclaimed. Though most are pieces, he often thinks of how they relate to one another. To him, his memories are like puzzle pieces. He may not have all of them, but he still attempts to guess on what the final picture may look like.

    (For Likes, Dislikes, Ambitions, etc, go for 1-3 sentences per point, more if you wish.)


    •  Mx. Macquinarey for giving constantly working with him to retrieve lost memories.
    •  Killing those who kidnap children.
    •  Lumi Eztrella-a god-like being like himself yet she is wrapped up in many of the material aspects of the living. She's also incredibly easy on the eyes. The two have met in passing, but she was not informed of what his purpose is. He hopes the day that he is ordered to destroy her never comes. He respects her skills of diplomacy and enchantment.


    •  Mx. Macquinarey for holding his memories hostage. Still, he understands that all worlds are based on systems of exchange.
    •  Mx. Macquinarey's lack of ethics, still he follows while acknowledging he has little when it comes to his own ethic.


    •  To reclaim all memories of his family and loved ones.
    •  To destroy the organization that kidnapped him and heads of state that approve of their operation.


    •  Armed and unarmed combat
    •  Acrobatics
    •  Martial Arts know-how and adaptability

    Fears & Weaknesses:

    •  Forgetting the good memories of his past.
    •  Being purified by a shinigami and being sent to Soul Society.

    Hollow Type: Artificial Vasto Lorde

    Hollow Hole Location & Appearance: The base of his throat. It's usually covered with fabric as he can't stand the sight of it.

    Mask Fragment Appearance & Location: Grizaz has no mask visible mask fragment as it was successfully removed completely during his operation.

    Aspect of Death: Acceptance. The final stage of grief.

    Battle Specs


    Fighting Style: So refined are his movements, so sublime is his technique, and so cut-throat is his adaptive style. His ability to slay several targets separated by notable distance in one incredibly fluid movement is well documented. He flows seamlessly between various martial arts forms while weaving together armed, and unarmed techniques. He pulls from several different styles to achieved desired effect.  

    The base martial art through which all others weave in and out of is Baguazhang.
    Baguazhang is neither a purely striking nor a purely grappling martial art which leave plenty of room for adaptation. Practitioners of this form are known for their ability to flow in and out of the way of objects be them stationary or moving. The practice of walking a constant circle while performing circular moves is a key component, as it is sometimes called, is Baguazhang's characteristic method of stance and movement training. The evasive nature is also shown by the practice of moving behind an attacker, so that the opponent cannot harm the practitioner. However, being that after a time this becomes predictable, he often mixes in a flurry of strikes from either a set of ninjutsu based distractions or tricks, Baji Quan, Jeet Kune Do or one of several styles of swordplay before hand.

    Baji Quan uses powerful fist punches, elbow strikes, hip checks and strikes with the shoulder, delivered with explosive, short-range power. Most of Baji Quan's moves utilize a one-hit push-strike method from very close range: the bulk of the damage is dealt through the momentary acceleration that travels up from the waist to the limb, and further magnified by a charging step which is used before entering into circular movements. It may seem flashy, but this is only to the untrained eye. To those who know better, there is complete economy of movement, save his ninjutsu tactics.

    ((Note, many abilities allow for the opponent to determine what damage is done. This should be done using whatever is logically sound. Example:Hit with Burning Breath? Well, if you have a fire affinity it makes sense that you are barely even singed by it even if you are 2 or 3 tiers lower.))

    Personal Abilities:

    (Personal abilities are special powers unique to your character, such as being able to put your enemies into an illusion trance by touching them, or being able to turn your energy into solid dirt permanently. These are traits your character was either born with or attained through special circumstances. They cannot be taught to or learned by others. Examples would be fire elemental reiatsu, unnaturally sharp reiatsu sensing, and genetic mutations.) Non-Arrancar Limit: 2 Arrancar Limit: 3

    Name: Power Augmenting Suit
    Effect: Sections of his suit are designed to automatically connect and disconnected in carefully orchestrated patterns to create weaponry that he was familiar with during his life as a mere man. This can be anything from blade weapons to more complex weapons with moving mechanical parts like guns or rocket launchers. These were created by Mx. Macquinarey to harness the power wasted during the expulsion of excess spiritual energy; spiritual pressure. These weapons use his spiritual pressure as a power source. For blades his spiritual pressure is used to both craft the bladed edges. For guns, his spiritual pressure is used to form ammunition. This is actually his only way to fire cero. The same and effect of a cero depends on the weapon crafted to launch it. For weapons like guns, they are more condensed so they may penetrate. For something like a rocket launcher, the cero is less condensed so that it has more of an exploding effect. So long as they are supplied with his spiritual pressure, and that source of power doesn't grow completely empty, his blades will not grow dull, his guns will not run out of ammunition. Because his spiritual pressure is always so focused within his suit and the power is so concentrated, they also have another effect; he can move through spiritual pressure even that which belongs to those more powerful. The condensed form of his spiritual pressure sucked up by these blade literally cut through the tension that would ordinarily physically hinder one exposed to crushing spiritual pressure. This means, that at least so far as melee combat goes, he can face a more powerful foe unhindered. Of course, an opponent's superior speed, strength, etc. will also come into play. An extremely gifted sensor type can get a general sense of his complete spiritual power while their blades clash with his own.

    Name: Sixth Gen. Body Mod and Suit Set
    Effect: There have been certain modifications made throughout Grizaz's body. These were originally added to help translate the skills he had as a human into their Arrancar equivalent. These include brain implants to make up for the lack of prequisa, nervous system alterations to properly gauge spiritual pressure. These work in combination with a body suit to give Grizaz all of the normal abilities of an Arrancar one would normally need to train for anywhere from decades to centuries to achieve. The boot portion allows for successful use of sonido on par with another of his power level. This also allows for him to walk on air. The one thing he does posses "naturally" is hierro. His suit is equipped with hidden compartments for weapon storage, a harmless smoke screen device, night vision and infrared vision capabilities.

    Name: Invasive Pollutant Immunity
    Effect: For starters, he isn't harmed by oxygen deprivation like normal lifeforms or Hollows. His own natural ability is due to the nature of his resurrected form. He's immune to airborne toxins, viruses, bacteria, poisons, etc.. The moment they're breathed in his immunity also covers inject-able versions.

    General Techniques:

    (These are moves your character was taught or trained and developed on their own. They are things anyone would be able to learn and perform unless they are dependent on your unique race or abilities. Examples are custom shunpo variations, hakuda/zanjutsu techniques, and using your reiatsu on an object to simulate telekinesis.) Limit 5 (Arrancar have 2 for unarmed/cero based, 3 for sealed weapon based.)

    It's up to the target to determine how much damage one takes if they suffer a hit.  


    Technique Name: Gray Silence
    Technique Description: A burst of movement which blurs the line between pure speed and sonido. This allows him to travel many times further than a sonido would and in complete silence as well. The ability to follow this movement isn't dependent on power alone, but actual know-how. This is the difference between an experienced runner that's mastered their craft and a fighter who happens to be fast. One who specializes in speed and considers this their strongest attribute may follow with the eye, all others can not. They instead see a brief trail of smoke several moments after he's already left an area. This requires absolute concentration on movement and thus can't be used simultaneously with an attack like sonido can. This can be used once every three posts.

    Technique Name: Pressure Point
    Technique Description: A quick and well aimed blow to any one of the major pressure points existing on any limb of a humanoid shape leaves the limb in a less than desirable condition. It may not cause damage, but the limb will be useless for a considerable duration of time. This is never used more than once on the same person knowing that it would leave him vulnerable to any number of counterattacks one may devise.

    Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: The struck limb is numbed and immovable for five posts.
    Opponent is One Tier Lower: The struck limb is numbed and immovable for four posts.
    Opponent is Equal Tier: The struck limb is numbed and immovable for three posts
    Opponent is One Tier Higher: The struck limb is numbed for three post and immovable for one.
    Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: The struck limb is numbed for two posts.

    *The following applies only to Arrancar, otherwise delete*


    Zanpakutou Type: Gas (Smoke)/Flame

    Zanpakutou Appearance:

    His zanpakuto isn't a blade, but a puff of smoke which he carries bottled on his waistband. His zanpakuto is near useless in terms of inflicting immediate damage or defense in quick melee combat. However, if a stealthy kill is the goal this zanpakuto is perfect. He can control its movement, and use it to suffocate an unsuspecting target. If the target dies with this in his body their remains burn from the inside out, all that is left is a black burnt husk.  

    Ressurrecion Name: Sofocarse, Fumar (Suffocate, Smoke)

    Ressurrecion Representation: Acceptance, the final stage of grief

    Ressurrecion Element: Smoke/Smog and Fire

    Ressurrecion Appearance:

    Grizaz breathes in his own zanpakuto and his body is instantly set ablaze. His flesh blackens and cracks giving way to the warm hued light within. He looks like a man shaped pile of burning charcoal and embers. This doesn't last long, as his body soon explodes, leaving a smoking human skeleton covered in singed cloth. In this form, he still relies on the weaponry created by Mx. Macquinarey for melee combat.

    Ressurrecion Ability: While in this form Grizaz's body is a dense mass of smoke which covers a human skeletal structure which is his core. In this form, Grizaz produces incredible amounts of smoke which roll off of his form in expansive outwards waves much like ocean water during a tsunami. In this form, he has greater control over smoke and can use it more efficiently than his sealed zanpakuto. It's far more difficult for targets to blow away the shear amount of smog and this becomes increasingly more difficult the closer they are to him. The smoke is also used to hide his movements. As he can see clearly through his own gases, his opponents can not use it to their advantage in the same manner. While in this form, he finds it far easier to perform acts like sonido on his own. Pesquisa is also easier because his smoke acts as an extension of his senses. Opponents standing within it are standing in his line of sight.

    If an opponent is close enough to engage in hand to hand combat, they're respiratory system is being exposed to dangerous levels of smoke.

    Effect of close proximity smoke inhalation:

    Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Five post in total spent in close combat and the opponent collapses from oxygen deprivation.  
    Opponent is One Tier Lower: Ten post in total spent in close combat and the opponent collapses from oxygen deprivation.  
    Opponent is Equal Tier:Fifteen post in total spent in close combat and the opponent collapses from oxygen deprivation.
    Opponent is One Tier Higher:Twenty post in total spent in close combat and the opponent collapses from oxygen deprivation.
    Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:Twenty-five post in total spent in close combat and the opponent collapses from oxygen deprivation.

    Ressurrrecion Techniques: (These are techniques available only in Ressurrecion. Limit 6)

    Technique Name: Nube de Muerte (Giant Death Cloud)
    Technique Description:

    Arguably his most dangerous attack while in resurrected form. This technique is one that most often relies on an opponent's own violent actions to achieve completion. This giant sentient mass of dense smog is given given human form. Standing at an intimidating 7 feet even, it charges at an opponent in preparation to deliver a seemingly devastating blow. However, those who are hit don't actually suffer harm. It has no mass, it has no force behind its attack. The only thing it has is an easily pierced layer which contains its smog insides which rush into an attackers respiratory and circulatory system. A strike from a sharp instrument within close proximity of a target nearly guarantees victory. This technique can only be used once in battle however the amount of deadly smog within is enough to affect many targets so long as they are in close proximity.    

    *The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

    Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: On the first post after exposure, the struggle to breath affects speed cutting it in half. The struggle for oxygen the body needs is difficult. In the fourth post strength is affected similarly. In the eighth post, vision blurs horribly. In the twelfth post the affected black out, losing consciousness.  
    Opponent is One Tier Lower:On the second post after exposure, the struggle to breath affects speed cutting it in half. The struggle for oxygen the body needs is difficult. In the fifth post strength is affected similarly. In the tenth post, vision blurs horribly. In the fifteenth post the affected black out, losing consciousness.
    Opponent is Equal Tier:On the third post after exposure, the struggle to breath affects speed cutting it in half. The struggle for oxygen the body needs is difficult. In the fifth post strength is affected similarly. In the tenth post, vision blurs horribly. In the fifteenth post the affected black out, losing consciousness.
    Opponent is One Tier Higher:On the fifth post after exposure, the struggle to breath affects speed cutting it by a fourth. The struggle for oxygen the body needs is difficult. In the tenth post strength is affected similarly. In the fifteenth post, vision blurs horribly. In the twentieth post the affected's speed and strength are cut by a fourth. In the twenty-fifth post, the affected black's out, losing consciousness.
    Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:On the tenth post after exposure, the struggle to breath affects speed cutting it by a fourth. The struggle for oxygen the body needs is difficult. In the fifteenth post strength is affected similarly. In the twentieth post, vision blurs horribly. In the twenty-fifth post the affected's speed and strength are cut by a fourth. In the thirtieth post, the affected black's out, losing consciousness.

    Technique Name: Ardor Respiracion (Burning Breath)
    Technique Description: The ability to breath an intense fire capable of extending great distances. The flame travels in a straight line with few deviations. The line of flame is so concentrated that it appears as though it's a laser. The fire is hot enough to instantly melt most earthen minerals in seconds and instantly turn organic solids to ash and smog. The flame is rarely used as means to an end, instead he uses it to increase the amount of smoke at his disposal. (Damage is ultimately determined by the opponent). This can be used every other post.

    Technique Name: Instantanio Fuego (Instant Fire)
    Technique Description: An ability that only one with his unique make up could achieve. He transforms all present smoke that is present into a single flame. The giant flash fire even includes the smoke that envelopes the bones of his skeleton. After this technique is used, the air is completely clean and breathable. He must once again begin covering the field in smoke. This technique can only be used every ten post. (Damage done to those caught within his smoke cloud when this attack is initiated is dependent on the opponent.)

    Tell me your story...


    The latest creation by Mx. Macquinarey marking yet another success. The life of Grizas Esino is one of violence, secrets, an untimely end, and lost human potential. However, in exchange for his human potential, he gained so much more. Humans would say that he ascended from man to god. He is feared, revered, and a character to watch out for in a world, which though rarely ever seen by humans, is responsible for the direction mankind will travel; the spiritual world.  He's likely the youngest Vasto Lorde in existence at a mere fifty years old. His path towards this achievement could be viewed as either lucky or unlucky.

    Formerly Bill Williams, Jeffery McCormick, Samuel Washington, Abu Muhammad, Omar Daniels, and far too many other names to recall, he worked around the globe on behalf of the United State's government as the department of defense. For nearly a decade he was the top ranking assassin. From age 18-35 he was the very pinnacle of human athleticism. From age 9-14 he held the eye of several heads of secret government recruitment agencies for his talents in seven different forms of martial arts, fluency in ten different languages and high standardized test scores. At age 15, he broke the world records in the 50, 100 and 200 meter dashes. None of this made headlines as he was kidnapped and brainwashed by a government organization that same year. The organization that was responsible has produced the very best spies and assassins for the past few decades.

    His training was intense to say the least. He was forced to learn seven more languages, three more forms of martial arts, advanced computer coding, multi-model gun usage, and international politics. And during all of this, he was slowly being brainwashed and stripped of his identity. There was but one memory from his former life that he managed to hold onto. That was the smell of his mother's perfume. The faces of his parents, siblings, and everything else became one continuous blur. He couldn't miss what he was made to never know, yet something was missing, and he was missing something.

    He completed the organizations training program earlier than most and became active on the field of duty shortly after that. He spent several years traveling the globe, accepting back to back missions, until one mission sent him to Japan. He was to kill a very important political leader. Little did he know that this leader was a fully realized fullbringer. At the age of 25, without being spiritually aware himself, he defeated a powerful spiritually aware human who was being studied by Mx. Macquinarey. His skills would be burned into the Hollow's thoughts for years to come. It was no wonder that he sought out the man when he needed someone to tie up loose ends.

    After a decade of murder, espionage, and sabotage, he learned of his declining health. Despite the painful manner in which he would die he didn't feel saddened. He mostly felt relief. Finally, he could stop killing for the benefit of those who took something from him. What hurt the most was that he didn't know what it was that they took from him. It was the desire to know that made him vulnerable. Over the ten year period since witnessing the human marvel, Mx. Maxcuinarey presented himself. He told the man of what he'd done in Japan and explained the entirety of the world that went unseen to most of man. He then presented him with an alternative. He could go and find peace in Soul Society. But then he would never know what was taken from him. Or he could stay with The Maker and regain his lost memories.

    The man instantly viewed shinigami in the same light as those who took him as children and stripped him of his past. He had forgotten once, he would not be made to forget forever. All he had to do was undergo the painful process of becoming a Hollow. A process that would be made many times more painful using the method The Maker had in mind. The formula was extremely aggressive and any who resisted the mental or physical strain it caused would be lost. They would become the Hollow equivalent of a coma patient, a vegetable.

    Mx. Macquinarey told the man of his accomplishments and assured the man that uncovering such memories would be child's play. Of course, he was no angel, he wouldn't do this for free. The man agreed to undergo the transformation; it couldn't be more painful than what he was living through. He was wrong. He accepted the drug moments after his soul chain was cut. He began the transformation knowing that soon, he would be reunited with his past.

    In truth, the mental trauma caused by the transformation into demi-Hollow and then to Hollow  destroyed those memories making it impossible for even Mx. Macquinarey to retrieve. All that remained were fragments: the smell of his mother's perfume, the names of his siblings, and other random thoughts, mostly images. Despite this, The Maker continued his experiment on the newly made Hollow. Within a few short years he forced the Hollow up the evolutionary latter, literally fusing his brain with the minds of those who were guaranteed week to make him a Menos Grande, using drugs and surgical operations to make him an adjuchas, and finally forcing that mass of smoke and bone into the ranks of the Vasto Lordes.

    Why the hurry considering that immortality was at play? Mx. Macquinarey wanted to see if he could retain all of the skills the man possessed as a human. The longer he was out of commission, the more difficult it would be to translate what he worked so hard for into a new form. The experiment was a success. Though he hadn't existed in his spirit based body for long enough to learn skills like sonido, cero, pesquisa and the like, equipment custom made and outfitted to his form made up the difference. Given the efficiency of what was made, he may not ever have a need to develop the skills on his own. It was his specific technique, his fluid proprioception was the one thing that couldn't be synthesized in a laboratory.

    Carefully crafted lies and false memories are what got the man through each stage. Masterfully crafted lies and false memories are what will keep him loyal to The Maker.

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