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    Lumi Eztrella ((WIP))

    Lumi Eztrella

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    Lumi Eztrella ((WIP)) Empty Lumi Eztrella ((WIP))

    Post by Lumi Eztrella on Fri Aug 14, 2015 1:03 pm

    Name: Lumi Eztrella
    Alias: Goddess, Glow, Flashlight (offensive)
    Age: 2,000 years old
    Age of Appearance: 22 years old
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Arrancar
    Character Alignment: Neutral
    Notable Quotes:

    "Even the dragon, marvels at the stars above."

    "My benefactor would not be impressed."

    She's a rather tall woman, standing at 5'11'' and weighing a healthy 135lbs. Hers is an alien-esque beauty, literally otherworldly, unfathomable by those who are unfamiliar with her. Her attractive aura radiates with the same delicate radiance as the last morning star. They are after all akin. A clue to her true nature, her resurrected form, sits upon her forehead; a beautiful orb shaped mask fragment which actually glows. The soft light it casts illuminates her entire form. She literally lights up every room she enters.

    She has dark amber skin, full shapely lips, and dark piercing eyes. Her hair sits atop her head like a dense cloud of dark flame. She's curvy so far as her hips and bust are concerned. Her muscles are toned and lean adding to her statuesque appearance. Her hollow markings take on the form of subtle golden shapes extenuating her lips and eyes. Her hollow hole is generally covered and is where her belly button would be, were she human.

    She dresses like a queen or socialite. She is always seen draped in the finest fabrics, precious metals and rare gems.


    Lumi Eztrella is truly a lady of the highest caliber. She's an independent woman for the most part, however, she finds herself always looking out for the best interest of the one who made her an arrancar and gave her the ability to walk the land she was previously only able to look down at.

    She's mostly level headed. She isn't quick to temper, but on the rare occasion when she does, she flies completely off the rails. She either glows beautifully, or ravages the environment with near every ounce of power she has at her disposal.

    In battle she is mostly a stationary fighter, launching attacks from a limited area over long distances. Even in close combat, she tends to remain stationary. All of this is out of vanity however, as she never wishes to risk ruining her clothing.


    • Negotiations and Diplomacy
    • Enchanting a room and owning a crowd
    • Offering hope, it is difficult to test because hope isn't quantifiable, but another ability of hers may be to inspire hope within all in her presence

    Battle Specs


    Fighting Style: Lumi is an interesting fighter in the sense that her techniques work best in close range but she is more comfortable at mid-range and long distances. She tends to stay in one general location during a battle and work on maintaining an impenetrable defense to tire an opponent out instead of engage them directly.

    This changes when she enters her resurrected form. One is always on the defense while the other is on the offense. She constantly changes which creates defense and which one attacks. They both tend to remain in the same general locations though, whether they be far away from each other, or very close.

    Personal Abilities:

    Name:Light Affinity
    Effect:In the same way that Sternritters can hide in shadow and use it to move between spaces undetected. This isn't akin to teleportation or dematerialization, as she transverses the main fabric of reality and retreats into an alternate which exists along side it where only light is tangible and the only forms are those which are being exposed to light in the main world. She can not touch or interact with anyone or anything which exists in the main fabric of reality nor can they interact or see her. Here there is no sound, no taste, nothing, but the ability to see light in all of its spectrum. While here she must physically travel at the same rate of movement as she would were she in the main world; she can not move at light speed. She can create three gateways each day. Each can only be used once to either enter this realm, or exit it. After the third is made an entire day must pass until she can make another.

    Name:Radiation Affinity
    Effect:She can store harmful radiation and various forms of heat and expel it in the form of light.

    Name:Light Transmutation
    Effect:She can solidify light and create a variety of dense barriers and constructs. Generally, the stronger the light source, the more immoveable the construct.


    Zanpakutou Type: Photon Blade
    Zanpakutou Appearance: Lumi's zanpakuto can be summoned at will by placing her hand on her mask fragment and pulling it from there. The hilt is made of metal whereas the blade is condensed light and radiation.

    Ressurrecion Name: Brillar, Geminis (Glow, Gemini)
    Ressurrecion Representation: A Star

    Ressurrecion Element: Light and Radiation
    Ressurrecion Appearance:
    In this form, 'she' technically becomes 'they'. By going a step closer to her original form she divides herself into two separate bodies, both of which share a single consciousness and all of the same abilities; one person, two bodies. The entirety of her form appears to be made of light. It becomes difficult to gauge the details of her form because of the brilliance of it.

    Ressurrecion Ability: In this form she gains the ability to burn or melt anything which lacks the spiritual pressure to resist. This is done by creating light constructs similar in function to her zanpakuto blade and launching them at dangerously high speeds. Anything struck melts or suffers serious life threatening burns. These can be held and used like her zanpakuto, but she prefers summoning them to be mentally launched.

    Ressurrrecion Techniques:

    Technique Name: Starburst
    Technique Description: Dozens of radiation fragments are summoned in her immediate area before they're launched in all direction outwards in a violent explosion. The longer the distance they travel, the weaker they become.

    Technique Effect Chart:

    *The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

    Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower:Capable of flying clean through the body like a fish through water. Radiation damage causes extreme fatigue.
    Opponent is One Tier Lower:Capable of flying clean through the body like a hot knife through temperature, the easiest to melt butter of all. Radiation damage causes extreme fatigue.
    Opponent is Equal Tier:These can penetrate the body just like any zanpakuto through unprotected skin, radiation damage occurs in the process causing headache and shortness of breath.
    Opponent is One Tier Higher:Moderate burn occurs and limited radiation damage.
    Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:No real effect other than potential burn. Radiation is resisted.

    Technique Name: Nova Pulse
    Technique Description: She increase the light levels in an area to dangerously new highs in an instant flash. This damages all eyes in the area, blinding them temporarily.

    Technique Name: Supernova Pulse
    Technique Description: Along with increased light intensity, radiation levels also soar to dangerous new highs instantly frying most caught by it.

    Technique Name: Starlit Gaze
    Technique Description:


    Tell me your story...

    History: Once a lone star in Hueco Mundo's sky, they were too vulnerable to live on the land with other hollow. Instead, she had no choice but to watch what happened on the land below, unbeknownst to those beneath. Their form consisted of a pair of conjoined masks, crown like in appearance, and a mass of light. Her only hope of consuming hollows was with those who sought her out and offered themselves to her. Somehow a legend began to spread through the white sands: any who stand under the star and wish to be king need only wish it and wear the crown. Those who did stand beneath her, and wish for the crown placed her on their head. Only they weren't made kings or queens. Instead, their brains were riddled with radiation damage.

    It was later revealed that the rumor was started by one who knew exactly what she was, and wished to study what would become of her, were she to survive. Some call him the Doctor, some the Maker. She came to call him father.

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