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    Prince, Selim | Aelland [WIP]


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    Prince, Selim | Aelland [WIP]

    Post by Vilja on Sat Aug 15, 2015 1:22 pm



    [ birth name: ] fuentes, danyal
    [ known alias: ] the axolotl, diablo acuático
    [ true age: ] ca. 500 years old
    [ phys. age: ] early twenties
    [ gender: ] hombre masculino
    [ sexuality: ] ravenous
    [ species: ] arrancar | ex-adjuchas
    [ alignment: ] lawful neutral


    [ personality: ]

    - personality defined
    - with friends/allies
    - with enemies
    - in combat
    - best sides
    - personality flaws
    - aspect of death
    - likes and interests
    - dislikes and fears
    - dreams and goals

    [ appearance: ]

    - overall build
    - height and weight
    - complexion
    - eyes and hair
    - distinguishers
    - presence (?)
    - clothing
    - accesories
    - mask fragment
    - hollow hole
    - war paint
    - zanpakuto


    [ fighting style: ]

    - overall style
    - with different opponents
    - strengths
    - weaknesses

    [ sealed powers: ]

    ability 1:

    ability 2:

    ability 3:


    [ resurrección name: ]

    [ resurrección appearance: ]

    - released form
    - representation

    [ resurrección powers: ]

    ability 1:

    ability 2:

    ability 3:


    [ history: ]

    chapter i - conquistadores
    tw: racism, implication of coerced sex with a minor

    In the beginning, he was just a boy from rural Andalucía. An illiterate, orphaned boy, who knew nothing of the world, when he first left his home town to find a life in the port of Cádiz. His name, his slightly more tanned skin and his accent, all of which were remnants of the rule of the caliphate, had not made things easy for him - a mulato as he was, his blood having been tainted with the blood of the invaders from south - but it hadn't stopped him from dreaming. Dream large, his grandfather, who had raised him after a wave of illness had swept through their village, killing his mother, had said right before he died.

    He had lived on the streets at times, stealing what he could eat and doing dirty work for a shady employer for a place to crash. Some people showed kindness and compassion to him, giving the poor boy what little they could afford, while others regarded him as worse than trash and spat on him. The Reconquista had been long and years before that had been cruel for the natives of Iberian peninsula, and somehow, his face seemed to remind them of that bitter part of their history.

    The era was the beginning of the sixteenth century, when Queen Isabelle of Castille and King Ferdinand of Aragon had unified Spain as a single nation with their marriage, and when Christopher Columbus had already attained great fame, following his discovery of the New World. And like all boys of his age with a dreaming look, he wanted to become one of the conquistadores, explorers sent to the New World to map it, seize it's great wealths and convert it's natives to form the colony of New Spain. Unlike most, he came from a background, where his chances of making his dream come true were slim, but as far as he was concerned, it only made him more likely to reach it. He wanted it more than anything, and he wanted nothing else. He had nothing, unlike the others - no plans of marrying, no plans of having children and no plans of studying. Danyal was ready to sell his soul to the devil to get a place on a ship to the New World, and he almost did.

    Rodriguez was the capitán of the ship he ended up working as a paje, a cabin boy, when he was sixteen years old. They were introduced, when Danyal was working at the docks and the nobleman took an interest in him. He accepted him into his ship's lowest ranks, only weeks before they departed - though, for a long time, he didn't understand why he'd pick him for the job, and simply thought his enthusiasm got him the role. The crew was already assembled on the ship, preparing their leave in the port and taking care of their supplies, and Danyal was expected to join them in the deck of the ship the next day. His complexion earned him gazes - some obviously intimidating, others curious - from nearly everyone on board. After the first day, he could name only a few members of the ship; it's maestre, Marcos, who had already been to the New World and was in command of running the ship smoothly; Hernando, a friendly marinero, who approached him on the first day to give him a brief on who to avoid and how to blend in; and León, a man, who looked at him with eyes, that told Danyal he was not liked nor welcome here.

    He did his best to avoid León, and it worked for a while, despite the guy having his eyes constantly fixed over him. They had been sailing for about a week, when the guy finally came at him, picking a fight. Danyal had no time to register what he had said, before a sailor stepped in and told the guy to back off. He saw a knife in León's hand, and then a blur of motion and shouting, as everyone around them moved forward to stop him. There was blood, and next thing Danyal was multiple men holding the guy down and unarming him of the knife.

    It turned out, that the same guy, who had been nice to him since the first day, Hernando, had stepped in to scare the guy off and got himself stabbed in the process. The wound wasn't that bad, and the doctor on board could easily take care of it, and he could still work to an extent on the ship after a week of rest. The capitán was not happy, and had the attacker whipped and bound to the mast for the next days to teach him a lesson. His care for the young paje made Danyal wonder just what was going inside his head, his thoughts returning back to the day he'd hire him to sail to the New World. His reasoning was clarified soon, as a few nights after, León having been thrown to a holding cell under the deck to make sure he didn't cause any trouble, the capitán summoned the paje to his cabin.

    He was nervous on why he wanted to meet him, mixed emotions of fear and hope struggling within him. Was it because of the fight, which was more or less caused by his presence on the ship? Or was it that the capitán wanted him as his apprentice? Upon entering the cabin, Rodriguez would ask him to close the door, and lock it. Danyal did as was asked of him, and then stepped forward to meet the capitán, that he owed his life to. His heart was beating fast, as he asked why he asked to see him. Rodriguez glazed at him, and asked if he knew why he picked him as a paje. Danyal shaked his head, admitting he did not know his reasons.

    The capitán told him, it was because he had a pretty face, and because he had wanted to see how much he really wanted to see the New World. Danyal was confused, frozen in his place, when he proceeded to order the young boy to strip. Don't resist, Rodriguez told him with hungry eyes. He was only there to service his capitán and should he fail to do so, he'd have him dumped for sharks to feast on. For the following days, he had no way of refusing a request to meet the sovereign of the ship in his cabin, and neither did he have means to refuse any requests he made, as much as Danyal detested them and himself for it.

    chapter ii - a bird in a cage
    tw:  stockholm syndrome

    - human chapters:
    - i. a conquistador
    - ii. prisoner of war
    - iii. sacrifice

    - hollow chapters:
    - i. hollow awakening
    - ii. adjuchas ascension
    - iii. arrancarification

    - arrancar chapters:
    - i. present day

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