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    Vizard Template


    Vizard Template

    Post by Ika Mazi (Jeff) on Wed Oct 12, 2016 7:03 pm

    Vizard Template

    Basic Information

    Name: [Your character's name]
    Age: [How old does your character appear to be?]
    True Age: [What is their real age?]
    Sex: [Male or Female]
    Personality: [Describe how your character acts and thinks in general. Be descriptive]

    Character Appearance

    Height: [How tall is your character]
    Weight: [How much does your character weigh]
    Physical Traits: [What do they look like? Face, skin color, etc. Pictures are acceptable.]

    Fighting Style

    General Fighting Style: [Everyone has a general fighting style. What is your characters?]
    Strengths: [What are your characters strengths in terms of kidou, shunpo, zanjutsu,  Hollow Powers, etc?]
    Weaknesses: [What are your characters weaknesses in terms of kidou, shunpo, zanjutsu, Hollow Powers, etc?]


    Sealed Appearance: [What does your zanpakuto look like sealed]


    Call Out Command: [What do you have to say to activate your shikai]
    Appearance: [What does your shikai look like]
    Abilities: [What powers do you gain]
    Boosts: [Increases in your character's physical capabilities. Speed, Strength, Stamina, etc.]


    New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name? Ex: Tensa Zangetsu, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, etc.]
    Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
    Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]
    Boosts: [Increases in your character's physical capabilities. Speed, Strength, Stamina, etc.]


    Appearance: [What does your vizard mask look like?]
    Abilities: [What abilities does your vizard mask give you? Increased Strength, stamina, etc.]
    Hollow Powers: [What hollow abilities can your character use with the mask?]

    Full Vizard Form

    Appearance: [What does your Full form look like?]
    Abilities: [What new abilities does your character gain?]
    Boosts: [What boosts does your character get?]

    (Don't worry About this for a long while LOL)

    Back Drop

    Background: [Your character's history]
    Side Notes: [Anything you left out, put it here]
    RP Sample: [Show us what you got. Rp with your character that you are applying for.]

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