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    Quincy Template


    Quincy Template

    Post by Ika Mazi (Jeff) on Wed Oct 12, 2016 7:09 pm

    Quincy Template

    Basic Information

    Name: [Your character's name]
    Age: [How old does your character appear to be?]
    True Age: [What is their real age?]
    Sex: [Male or Female]
    Personality: [Describe how your character acts and thinks in general. Be descriptive]

    Character Appearance

    Height: [How tall is your character]
    Weight: [How much does your character weigh]
    Physical Traits: [What do they look like? Face, skin color, etc. Pictures are acceptable.]

    Fighting Style

    General Fighting Style: [Everyone has a general fighting style. What is your characters?]
    Strengths: [What are your characters strengths in combat?]
    Weaknesses: [What are your characters weaknesses in combat?]

    Weapons & Abilities

    Quincy Bow [What does your bow look like?]
    Quincy Powers [What Quincy powers do you possess.]
    Quincy Items [What items do you have?]

    Quincy Final Form/Letzt Stil

    New Quincy Powers: [What new quincy powers do you gain? You can add more than just one here, but be careful, as quincy have possibly the most number of abilities normally than any other race.]

    Boosts: [max boost amount is x3 for Letzt Stil]


    New Quincy Powers: [What new quincy powers do you gain? You can add more than just one here.]

    Boosts: [max boost amount is x4 for Letzt Stil]

    Back Drop

    Side Notes:
    RP Sample:

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