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    I. Site Rules


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    I. Site Rules Empty I. Site Rules

    Post by Vilja on Sat Aug 08, 2015 7:18 am


    Respect. This is our most important rule. Be respectful towards us, and we'll return the favor; be disrespectful or offense us, and you can be sure, that we will return the favor. Members come from all walks of life, so the staff demands for everyone to play nice or at least tolerate others, even people they don't like. Under no circumstances is discrimination (by sexuality, race, beliefs, etc.), bullying or harassment of any kind acceptable. Let's be respectful towards each other, mkay?

    Drama. We do not tolerate out-of-character drama, so keep it out of the forum; if member(s) fail to follow this rule, it will result in a warning. Don't complain to staff about other members without a good reason, either; being melodramatic, martyring or passive-aggressive isn't a nice thing either. We encourage the players to settle disputes by themselves, but if we absolutely have to get involved, it will not be a pleasant intervention. So, don't do drama out-of-character.

    Activity. We don't expect you to make a dozen posts per week, but it would be expected from all members, that they post at least a few times a week; ideally more often. Real life comes before roleplay, and so, we'll understand if you need to take a break or leave for a week. However, if you are intending to apply for a higher tier, or a leadership position, you will need to prove your activity first.

    Advertising. You're not allowed to advertise outside of an advertisement board. We're pretty strict about this, but understand the difference between trying to get members joining another site and innocent semi-advertising; however, we ask members to avoid linking other roleplaying sites if possible. If you're caught trying to advertise, or asking people to join your site, your ID will be permanently banned.

    Content. For the most part, our roleplay is rated PG-13+, but mature and even adult content are allowed with regulations. Language, blood and violence is fine, but if a thread contains any mature themes like explicit gore, very graphic language or implied sexual content, there must be a [M] tag in the title. Don't be afraid to use fade to black in mature threads; use common sense here, and if you feel like the content is appropriate for younger readers, use the [M] tag. No adult content, referring to explicit sexual content, may be played out in the IC forums; there is a board for a +18 members, where such content is allowed.

    Also, as we are sticking to Forumotion terms of service, no pornographic content is allowed, under any circumstances. Posting such content will immediately result in permanent ban, and will result in the content being removed immediately.

    Quality. We accept roleplayers of all levels of skill, but we hope people will try and contribute the overall quality of forum, meaning no one-liners; if you're going to post, then please post a decent reply, so that other participants of said thread have something to work with. And please, proper grammar during roleplay.

    Accounts. We have mandatory rule of one-account-per-character, which means you have to create another new account for every new character. Yeah, it might suck, but it was decided between the staff, so, you just have to stick to this. Additionally, name of your account must be your character's name or nickname; your profile information will include your out-of-character name, so don't worry about it. Only staff is allowed to have out-of-character profile.

    Chatbox. All the aforementioned general rules apply in the chat-box as well. Please, avoid discussions about politics, sexuality, etc., as these tend to lead into drama or flaming even; people have opinions, and that's fine, but roleplaying forum isn't the place for these. Again, no porn, illegal activities, advertising, or you will be banned from chat. Period. Do not discuss bans, rule-breaks or reports in chat, for same reasons mentioned above. Keep things peaceful in the chatbox.

    Avatar. We encourage your avatar to be your character's face-claim or artwork, but this is not mandatory. Your avatar width cannot exceed 180px, and height should be 280px, though the latter is again, only a wish of the staff.

    Staff decision is final. This has been a problem in past sites, that we staff have been members of. When staff decides something, asks you to do something, etc., you play by our rules. We are the only and the highest authority over everything. This doesn't mean we are dictators; we are responsible of the site, and we try to do our job. If you have a problem with us, we can probably solve it, if you come to us - but come us and complain about petty things, or worse, act like you have authority over us, and you will be warned. Repeated offense is a ban. Period.

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    I. Site Rules Empty Re: I. Site Rules

    Post by Vilja on Sat Aug 08, 2015 7:19 am


    General. The general site rules above, apply in-character as well; they apply in the entire forum. Also, read guidelines; by this, we mean the rules, the plot, the updates - everything, that is labelled important. Read them until you memorize them. If you break a rule in-character, you cannot blame us for it, because it's every member's responsibility to know the rules. If a thread has [Read This] tag on the title, then you should, because you might miss something essential if you don't. The rules and regulations board, nor the announcement will not have this tag on, because they are always mandatory. Keep this in mind.

    Character Amount. Yeah, people like having many characters. So, because we are easy-going admins, we do not want to restrict your creativity by putting a limit on your characters. When you first register on the site, you are allowed to start out with two characters; if you have actively played them for a while (+20 in-character posts per character), then your ready to apply for another character. To apply for a fourth one, you need to get those +20 in-character posts done with the third, and the pattern goes on and on; however, please don't pick many characters, if you can't handle them. Know your own boundaries, and keep all of your character active, and the staff doesn't have to discuss about setting limits here.

    Activity Checks. There will be monthly activity checks; members are expected to post in these, and if they don't, they will risk losing their characters. You will need five in-character posts in active thread(s), from a set period of time, in order to get into the active members list. If you fail to pass an activity check, it's not a big deal; but if you don't pass two activity checks in a row, you must drop all of the characters, that are not active. Don't sweat about this. Five posts per month isn't a big deal or hard to accomplish. Absences will be considered, if you're not passing an activity check, so don't be stressed about losing your characters if you're on an absence. Real life comes always first. The reason, why activity checks are posted, is because we want people to be active, and not just lurk around the site.

    Plot Theme. As you might notice, our main plot is more than just combat - we'd like to reflect this to players, that even though we have the option for combat roleplay, our site is more than that. We want people to focus on plotting with other people and their characters' plot development, rather than just constantly playing out combat training threads. Though it's common sense, we encourage players to have their own side plots for every character; a goal or an ambition is fine, but the staff would love to see more original and unexpected character plots as well. Every character is encouraged to be involved in the site plot, but this is not mandatory, especially if your character is based in the living world, which is peaceful right now.

    Setting. We are an alternate universe roleplay, which means we don't follow the story line of Bleach canon, nor are the characters from series allowed. Our roleplay has it's own, original story and plot, and though we strongly follow the mechanics of the universe, something that was canon in the series, might not be canon here; read the guidelines regarding this, so you get the basic idea of what all this AU thing means. In it's nutshell, neither Aizen or Ichigo ever existed. However, for those, who are interested in a canon Bleach roleplay and a liking to canon characters, we offer a site-canons system, so you should take a look of that. We have a timeline system as well, so it is mandatory to keep your threads in chronological order, in an appropriate place designed for this purpose.

    On HTML. The HTML option should be on by default to new members, but if it's not, you should contact staff on how manually activate this. If you can see the rules in a nice template, then your HTML is on, and you don't have to do anything with the switch. BBCode is also available for everyone by default, but please take a note of the brackets you use; [ ] or square brackets are a BBCode thing and < > or chevrons/angle brackets are a HTML thing - using square brackets in HTML will cause your coding to fail. Posting templates are not mandatory.

    Bans & Wants. Currently, we do not allow made-up species or togabito, for any members. We have a brief ban on bounts and mod souls, and very strongly discourage making a quincy character, for two reasons. First, we are intending to introduce the species lore during the plot, and both bounts and quincy will be very lore-heavy. Second, all of the mentioned species are nearly extinct, due to both shinigami and human operations, and the remaining individuals are hiding. There will be an update as soon as they will be allowed. If you're still interested in a quincy, we do allow gemischt descendants of the Ishida bloodline in a limited number.

    What we want to see, is younger characters, who contribute to the plot; these can be of any species. We would love to see characters with unique, but not overpowered abilities, as well as characters with an interesting side-plot for themselves. Also, we strong discourage rogue characters with little to nothing to do with the main plot, because it heavily limits the plotting opportunities for your characters and potentially slows down the plot.

    Leadership. We require you to be an old member, if you are going to apply for a leadership tier or rank, meaning your first character cannot be of too high position. We need to know, that you are both active and you can handle the responsibilities of role, such as playing a major role in the site plot. However, we do not seek powerful combatants for our leadership positions; the plot isn't just about that - in-character politics and decision-making is a big part of the role. We want people, who can bring something new to the plot into our leadership positions, someone who is willing to earn the position in-character, etc.

    Abilities. The staff will tell you whenever an ability is acceptable or not, but some guidelines can be found in rules on powers and abilities, our application guide or species guidelines. You can also PM the staff about a power!

    Second Releases. This applies to all species with the potential to gain a second release, such as bankai, segunda etapa, merged form, evolved fullbring, vollstandig, etc. The second release is not something you cannot attain via application, unless you have been given permission for it by the staff.

    Common Sense. Use common sense, in everything. Do not make characters older than humanity, please. Do not make overpowered characters. Use common sense, and you will be fine, when your character is being reviewed by staff.

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