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    The Committee (Human Faction.)

    Ika Mazi (Jeff)

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    The Committee (Human Faction.) Empty The Committee (Human Faction.)

    Post by Ika Mazi (Jeff) on Wed Aug 12, 2015 10:22 pm


    August 13th, 2014.

    The UN Incident that transpired a month after the new Human Intervention Resolution was passed did not only toll as one of the greatest tragedies in the political stage, but also triggered the birth of a covert group named ‘The Committee’, the vision was set for humanity’s survival.


    To control and regulate the amount of spiritual activity in all corners of the globe; to ensure human safety above all else; and eliminate all threats to life. Which includes:

    ◦Elimination and termination of irregular Shinigami/Hollow.

    ◦Monitoring of Shinigami/Hollow activities.

    ◦Recruitment and/or capture of renegade humans; or elimination if deemed a threat.

    ◦Keeping the peace.

    Albatross Inc.

    A front agency for ‘The Committee’. It is base in New York City.


    A system created that enables inter-world travel for humans. After the discovery of a fragment from the actual Ark, it has been found to have been made of some unknown metallic compound. Research suggests that the compound reacts to spiritual energy and causes inter-molecular warp, moving a huge body from one place to another. A system was then created to perfect the new found technology and thus Noah's Ark was re-made.

    Activation of the Ark was first thought to be firsthand or direct contact with the material, but after years of development, a new remote redirection module was created, enabling trans-world travel for humans.

    The remote redirection model or RMM is a small chip inserted into the Committee's standard com links, via their cellular phones. By dialing 41294, the RMM then transmits data from the brain and enables travel through worlds via patterning. The device then opens a gateway into Dankai and then to the world of choice.

    Organization Tiers of Power

    ■LEVEL 5 : Super-powered humans whose existence threatens the very foundations of International Security. To this extent, all humans in this level are considered far too dangerous to let roam and are thus constrained or if not, forced to join the Committee.

    ■LEVEL 4: Humans with considerable strength, and requires an extensive amount of manpower to keep hold of. Although not as dangerous as those of LEVEL 5, they are still very powerful.

    ■LEVEL 3: A human who can cause fatalities with his/her power is considered LEVEL 3. These individuals have mastered and fully controlled their abilities to the extent that they can kill someone with it.

    ■LEVEL 2: Humans who have yet to gain control of their abilities. They are considered a threat and are harmful to others.

    ■LEVEL 1: Newly awakened powers are in this level. They are considered weak and harmless. Humans who have yet to feel the lust for power. Nevertheless, the Committee stands to recruit these individuals as part of their group.

    Organization Leader -

    Council of Defense - Level 4 and 5 Join here
    Leader -
    Captain -
    Everyone else -

    Center for Dangerous Human Capture/Destruction - Level 3 and higher join here
    General -
    Advisor -
    Everyone else -

    Trooper Group Level 2 and lower join here
    Commander -
    Corporal -
    Everyone else -

    In addition, the Committee has a Research and Developement branch. These guys create weapons and items for Committee members, and research supernatural phenomena. They also requisition equipment to people, as well as certain services. All you have to do is message the Chief (the owner of the character). The equipment and services will be listed below those in the branch. The list is NOT permanent, and items may be removed or added to at will. Please list what you have in your signature with the appropriate character.

    Research and Developement
    Chief -
    Vice Chief -
    Everyone else -

    The Coalitions Equipment

    Equipment Requisition

    Note: Anything that comes in a vile is not reusable and supplies on those are limited. So use those wisely.

    Floater-This device is the size of a pencil or pen and oval shaped. They come in pairs and allows humans to fly like shinigami, arrancar, hollow, bounto, and other spiritual beings. They do come in pairs, just strap one on each foot or lower leg. Limit one per person. Please read the manual and practice before actual use in combat. If they do break, please message the chief for a replacement and link the thread. They may be integrated into prosthetic limbs.

    The Container - Need somewhere to store all your shit? Buy The Container! Why you ask? The Container is a small circular device that breaks down the atoms of any object you have, stores it inside of the device and keeps all your junk organized by showing you pictures of every object you have in your inventory. Simply press whatever object you have in The Container and it will be rematerialized. And to store items, simply point The Container at the object and it will be broken down. It can only store things objects to 300 pounds however. It could be multiple objects of 300 pounds..but it couldn't be an object of 301 pounds or higher. Ontop of this it cannot store more than 10 objects. Limit two per person, mainly because it only holds ten objects.

    Item: Biosuit
    Range: It's a suit...
    Number: One per person, humans and Committee members only.

    Description: It's a fully customizable suit, complete with helmet that can be turned on or off. Full body suit too. Can be installed with holographic emitters to display clothes, but not weapons of any sort. It is fool proof and cannot be hacked. Other customization is the general look of it.

    Effects: Can't see spirits? Don't have the power to defend yourself or loved ones? This is what you get! The biosuit increases your physical abilities enough so that you can handle the basic hollow, if you're a normal human. For those of you that can already see spirits and have powers of your own, this suit also increases your own supernatural powers, including your own supernatural physical abilities. It also acts as a type of armor, lessening the power of blows. This suit is very durable, but still breakable. A one tier increase in all fields, and lessens attacks by 25%. For humans tiered at 1-1, they recieve no increase, just the lessens attacks by 25%.

    Name: Visor
    Range: Four hundred yards of person.
    Description: This visor looks like this, ignore the girl:
    The Committee (Human Faction.) 136

    But can be installed with holographic emitters to look like something else and much more stylish. Developed by Alexander Kerensky. Limit one per person.

    Effect: Much like the Cyber Eye 2000, it has night vision, acts like adjustable binoculars, infrared, meteorlogical data, decode computer information, discern the what other people are race wise (shinigami, vizard, etc.), flare suppressors, percieve how strong people are in the same fashion, detect spiritual pressure in a three mile radius (because it is not meant to last a person's lifetime, there are some limits to it compared to the Cyber Eye).

    Name: Antidote
    Range: It's a needle...
    Description: A small needle with a green liquid in it.
    Effect: It is the antidote to poison gas. It was made after complaints from Coalition members. It is only temporary, lasting only the gas's use the first time. Limit four per person.

    Name: Gas Vile
    Range: Area of Effect of thirty yards plus however far you can throw it to break the vile.
    Description: A breakable vile of green gas.
    Effect: For three posts, the person will suffer from phantom pains and a really itchy rash in random spots. It will also cause dieherria. One post cooldown before you may use it again. Limit two per person.

    Name: Anti-Arrancar Acid
    Range: How far can you throw it?
    Description: A breakable vile of yellow acid. Still in test phase, so supplies limited, permanently.
    Effect: If used against any other race, very mild burns will occur on contact, even normal hollows. If the arrancar's hierro is pretty strong or moderately strong, it will weaken it dramatically, allowing most zanpakutou or spiritual weapon to penetrate. If the hierro is weak, it will do damage. If the hierro is very weak, it will dissolve where ever it touches, like, dissolve an entire leg. Limit one per person

    Name: Shield Generator
    Range: Only the person.
    Description: Looks like a simple 21st century watch.
    Effect: Forms a one post duration green shield that protects from everything. While difficult to break, anything equal or above Hado 73 power level will break it,  However, there is a two post recharge time before it can be used again, and can only be used four times per thread. After which, put it on its charger to be used in the next thread. Limit one per person.

    Item name: Return Belt

    The Committee (Human Faction.) Scout_trooper_utility_belt_templates_content

    Effect: Attachments come to hold the Shotgun, the Revolvers, the Shield Generator, and the Sword. If said attachments are added, if you lose the device in battle, it will reappear in it's holder/sheath/loop one post later. Any other device not meant to be thrown created after this will be assumed to have an attachment.

    Number possible to own: 1 per character

    Item name: Phantom Faze

    The Committee (Human Faction.) Naruto-Anime-Magic-Shuriken-Cell-Phone-Charm

    It fits in the palm of the hand, and can be a cell phone accessary, necklace, belt buckle attachement, or somehow be attached to a belt loop.

    Effect: For one entire post, from start to finish, the user and anything on them that is theirs, from equipment to clothes, can "faze" through objects, attacks of all kinds, become immune to mental/illusion abilities, everything. They are also transparent with a purple-ish tint. They are still affected by shockwaves minimally. They also choose what to faze through, so they don't faze through the ground and into the center of the earth and die. However, there are some limits. One, the person cannot attack their opponent. Two, it does have a four post cooldown, needing to recharge the energy used to allow the body and soul to do its ability. Three, they may not activate/release a new level of power while this is in effect. Like if they're fighting barehanded, they cannot unleash their first set of abilities. Or if they're using their primary stage, they cannot go into their final form or release their doll. If infected by a poison, they are still infected. It is activated by blood being smeared on the center of the device. Upon deactivation, the blood is gone, but still requires some to activate four posts later. If an opponent has something in the body when it deactivates, the area is displaced, meaning you will get hurt, possibly fatal (in Events). However, the same can be said about you as well, if you have something in an opponent, and the ability deactives, you get a cheap hit on them and cut or whatever. Again possibly fatal, but only in events.

    Number of it you have/possible/allowed: Limited to Committee Officers only. Meaning the top two of each section plus the leader of the Committee.


    Name: Pistol(s)

    The Committee (Human Faction.) Pistol

    Effect: The gun(s) are made with special material that can block zanpakutou and harm spiritual beings, as well as the bullets for them. Created after analyzing Tousei Kato's guns, but are weaker in power. Each clip holds up to 12 rounds and the bullets are explosive, but not much (a mere six inch area of effect) and are as strong as a standard bala. They are accurate up to 100 yards. Max of two per person, up three clips per gun (not counting the one in the gun, so you would have a total of four clips for each gun.) Both guns are also semi-automatic. That cannot be changed.

    Name: Shotgun
    The Committee (Human Faction.) MarineShotgun

    Effect: Like the pistol, made with special material that can block zanpakutou and harm spiritual beings, as can the bullets. Maximum effective range is ten yards, with the closer you are to it, the more damage you'll take. Think of it as a bunch of standard balas launched at once. It is not automatic. That cannot be changed. Each clip holds ten rounds, three clips with it, not counting the one in the gun, so max of four clips. Limit one per person.

    Name: Knives
    Effect: These knives can be used in both close range combat or thrown. They can harm spiritual beings and are as strong as zanpakutou. There are two versions, the normal kind and the vibroknives. The vibroknives look exactly the same and have the same properties, except with an added feature. They vibrate at an extremely high frequency, like the Quincy Schneider, making it easy to penetrate heirro and barriers. They can only do that if the person is around their own level (one tier higher than you). That effect is not instant against barriers, and the knives will slow down. Max 5 of each version per character.

    Name: Sword
    Description: Normal-


    Effect: Exactly the same as the knives. Do I really need to copy and paste from above? Limit one per person, MUST DECIDE WHICH VERSION YOU WISH!!!

    Name: Elemental Shuriken
    Effect: These special shuriken harness the power of lightning, fire, and wind. When thrown, each version is consumed by their respective element with various effects. The fire version explodes in a fireball with a ten foot blast radius, with the closer to the center, the more damage the person will take. The wind version has the greatest potential to kill, as its "blades" extend, thanks to the wind, to fifteen feet long, holding to the same curve as each blade. The lightning version has the most penetrating power among the three, being able to penetrate barriers and heirro depending upon the level of the opponent (up to one tier higher than the owner). Limit four of each per character, may require second Container for all of them. Each is labeled at the center of the shuriken with their obvious elemental affiliations.

    Name: Riatsu Grenade
    Range: How far can you throw it?

    The Committee (Human Faction.) Grende4

    Effect: Press the button on the top and throw it. The container shatters on impact (only if the button was pressed) and releases a 10-foot-in-diameter blast of energy. It has about the power of a Cero blast. Limit three per person.


    Note: Only a few things can be doubled, namely changing both eyes to cybernetic and prosthetic limbs, just specify what limbs. Others may be limited to one, and moderated. Should be easy to tell which are limited to one. Those characters that are completely cybernetic do not have to list them in their signature, just have it in their character apps.

    Cyber Eye model 2000 - Special prosthetic eye that can be equipped to almost any race. It has various capabilities, including superhuman visual acuity, zoom functionality, night-vision, infrared, and meteorological data, applying color transforms, and overlaying them on top of a 3D display. The recipient gains darkvision out to a range of 60 feet. Binocular vision allows the recipient to perceive distant objects more easily. The Cyber Eye Model can also change it's color at the will of the user. EXCEPT now The Eye can also decode computer information and translate it, Flare suppressors react instantly to bright flashes of light. Blinding effects produced by bright lights have no harmful or debilitating effect on the recipient. It can also scan for spiritual pressure in a 10 mile radius. As an added bonus, you can also perceive how strong a being is (if they are not cloaked or hiding their spiritual pressure) by a color system. If the person has a blue glow around them that means their reitsu is low (So if your in battle this will be useful to see how much of your opponent's reitsu has been drained), if it's green that means it's moderate, yellow means that it's strong and red is dangerously strong. It can also be adjusted to where it can read your body's overall strength and adjust these color systems to see who is weaker then you or stronger.

    Language Chip - Implant any known language. The character can now understand that language fully but cannot speak it.

    Speech Chip - This grants the character the ability to speak all languages. The subject can speak only one language at a time, although it may be able to understand several languages. It does not enable the subject to speak with those who don’t speak.

    Stress Reader - Sensors attached to the recipient’s optic nerves and inner ear analyze minute physical indicators from living beings (including increased pulse galvanic skin response) and enable the recipient to better determine the emotional states of others.

    Anti-Shock - This implant, embedded near the spine, shields the recipient’s nervous system against stunning attacks. However, if bombarded by electrical based items rapidly it can be damaged.

    Enhanced organs x 22 (All organs) - This is a surgery done to the body to decrease the likelihood of almost any organ inside the body from failing and protecting it against outside threats.

    Prosthetic Limbs (Full body. 6 limbs total) - This is for any upgrade in the shop that requires a non-flesh limb upgrade. It is a completely robotic limb that can be customized to fit the persons skin tone, muscle mass or anything else. It looks actually like any flesh limb and feels like it to. Some items may be integrated into them.

    Inivisibility Cloak - You can easily hide yourself in the cover of darkness with the invisibility cloak installed in your body. It will be put in the middle part of your stomach and you can activate it in your Cyberbrain to project a barrier that blends in with the color of your environment and even reflects the images to match without being seen. However, if you happen to take too much damage the Cloak will de-activate itself. The cloak can only be activated for 2 posts before it must recharge for 2 more posts. Will be under moderation, limit one per person.

    Nanobots - This micro-machines help repair and regenerate all damage to the body to keep parts of the body from breaking down and becoming inoperable. These things are so small that it is hard to disable them making them ideal for people with full prosthetic bodies as the nano bots can keep the body healthy and in prime condition at all times when outside of combat and make combat easier by making it harder to render a part of the body un-functional.

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