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    Character Rules.

    Ika Mazi (Jeff)

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    Character Rules. Empty Character Rules.

    Post by Ika Mazi (Jeff) on Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:51 pm

    I. People like having many characters, and thats acceptable. Make as many as you can keep up with, but only 2 of Captan tier or higher are allowed without applying for a third.

    II. In order to possess a captain-level or higher character, you must be able to post 2-3 paragraphs with consistency in important postings such as event posts and posts for your characters subplot. This isn't expected every time, however. If someone hasn't given you enough to work with in a post and you can't make the limit, it's understandable.

    III. While your zanpakuto is mostly up to you, there are a few guidelines we've made. Your zanpakuto may be single element or dual element, but it cannot be more than that. Also, if you have a dual element zanpakuto, the elements cannot oppose each other, as the zanpakuto wouldn't function right. Also, there are a few abilities that won't be allowed because of extreme god modding potential.

    V. There are limits to the abilities you can default with, without expressed staff approval (In cases for veterans whom have earned their abilities in the past or are known to be good enough Roleplayers and are active) you cannot start with Segunda, it is to be earned In character, due to the popularity of Arrancars. To offset this we'll need some Shinigami and Vizards so yeah. Furthermore, all Vizards must train for Hollow masks period, And Vizards/Captains can only start with Bankai with expressed staff approval.

    VI. Character types, abilities, techniques, etc. that go against Bleach world mechanics will be denied.

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