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    Deja Vu (Open)

    Cain Serakov
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    Deja Vu (Open) Empty Deja Vu (Open)

    Post by Cain Serakov on Fri Aug 14, 2015 5:38 pm

    The young man sat with one of his knees up and his other foot on the chair across from him. His sketchbook balanced on his knee as he drew. He was enjoying his relaxing day off, he had moved out from his parents place cause he couldn't handle the stress that the family thought he was under that they actually placed him into. His friend had died yes, but he had taken it for what it was and moved on as best as he could. His friend would rather he be happy and party then to mourn and grieve over the loss of someone who would not return to them. He shifted moving his sketchbook aside and reached over to the table to grab his cup of tea. As he leaned back he looked up, his black bangs shifting out of his face. The sky was relatively cloudy but for the most part he enjoyed that. Bringing his cup up to his mouth he took a sip of his tea before setting it back down and returning to his drawing. He had seen the shinigami and hollow fighting the occasional human who could combat a hollow, he had actually seen them a lot more lately since he felt as if he too had powers.

    When he had finished his drawing for the most part he put his sketchbook aside. What exactly did he want to do with his day off. He let his mind wander on the possibilities of what he actually could do. I guess the first thing he could do was go back inside his apartment and put on some pants instead of lounging around in his pajamas all day. He picked up his pencils and eraser placing them on top of his sketch book and carried them inside along with his cup of tea. His apartment wasn't anything special, a bedroom, a bathroom, a small kitchen connected with the living area of the apartment with a balcony. To top it all, it was a mess, he was horrible at keeping his stuff where it belonged and clothes were scattered all across his room, towels lay on the floor in his bathroom, dishes weren't completely piled up but obviously needed cleaning, and the living area, pillows were scattered about and papers from school seemingly everywhere.

    He slid a hand through his hair as his emerald eyes glanced about his room for something more appropriate for just window shopping around the town. A red jacket on top of his beaten up grenade shirt? He had worn it the other day and ended up sleeping in it, but.. he loved it too much to consider changing. His pajama bottoms were the next problem he had to find something else to wear, he was already wearing a jacket so shorts were out of the question. He settled on a beaten up pair of blue jeans with the knee worn through on the right side. Slipped into his pair of nice black vans and walked out the door with an ear bud in his left ear and hobbled down the stairs smiling to the click and clank of his dog tags. When he reached the bottom of the stairs is when he finally acknowledged his dangling wallet. Looking back up the stairs and under them to make sure he hadn't lost anything he nodded to himself and slipped his wallet into his back pocket and continued on his way into down town. Something had to be going on today.

    He knew the town had a shopping center that had various stores, an open air market, and a mall and near each other. It was a paradise for the college student who needed to find a part-time job and still have stuff to do. He had found flyers for events that he had never imagined possible, and was surprised he had never actually heard of before. Yet recently since he had moved there the place had gone from spotted incidents of garden variety hollows to an influx of garden variety hollows that it wasn't an odd sight to see a shinigami standing on post waiting to ensure the safety of the humans nearby and allow those humans with powers to remain what they were doing. He almost wondered if it was because he didn't know how to control the energy that seeped from himself, but at the same time that shouldn't be the case, or he would have always been like that right? He second guessed himself a lot of the time when he thought of it.

    As his thoughts were running through he felt his stomach shift as he felt a hollow coming through, the feeling of the air becoming heavier still hadn't settled with him. He figured it'd come with experience that it'd stop, when he looked up to the sky it looked as if it had gotten darker and he saw a tear that a hollow crawled out from before it closed. Nothing too strange he thought still, he looked around and saw the shinigami stationed to the area already moving towards it and he continued on with his shopping as if there wasn't something above him right now that wanted to eat him. Yet when he did glance back up he noticed the hollow looking right at him, as if it knew he was a faucet left on, that he didn't know how to turn himself off. He shivered as he watched the hollows mask get sliced in half and the creature vanish while staring right at him the entire time. He could keep second guessing himself but something or someone would find him eventually. Right??

    He woke from the dream. That had been two years ago, when he had first awoken his minds eye and could see the world for what it truly was. That wasn't what he was expecting either. That had been the day he met Gaige and she taught him the basics of the world. Where he had first been given one of his most cherished belongings and when he first began his training to be a fullbring. He shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. Lifting himself out of his bed he looked around. What was he going to do today. A smile broke the droll look on his face. Deja vu was a hell of a thing. He climbed out of his pajamas and slipped his ring on. No reason to leave the house without protection.

    He had slipped into a pair of black pants, the bottoms torn and tattered from years of use, a single dark brown leather belt holding them up. His steel toed boots clicked on the pavement as he walked and his gray shirt drew some odd looks when people realized what the design was. On the front was a design of the scales balancing a decaying black heart and a bleeding red heart on either side. He didn't necessarily care about the looks he was getting from time to time. He had seen worse from those that would modify their bodies in such weird ways.

    He didn't know what he was doing that day other than going out to buy more groceries. The activity in the world had seemingly decreased in the last few months and he didn't completely mind it, he only wished that something could happen so he wouldn't be completely bored out of his mind. Meet someone new who he could relate with on some subjects or ask more about the world. Anything could beat how blind he was to the world around him still.

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