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    Tier Up Rules

    Ika Mazi (Jeff)

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    Tier Up Rules Empty Tier Up Rules

    Post by Ika Mazi (Jeff) on Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:26 pm

    First let me inform you that even though these are ways to get a tier up. A staff can deny you for one at any time. For any reason. If you do not like a staff members ruling bring it to the owner and she'll see both sides of the story. However chances are high that if you got was for a good reason.

    Tiering up via Re-evaluation of character app:
    Basically in order to tier up this way you must ask a staff to re-evaluate your character's app. So say you've been with us for a few weeks and proven to be a good RP'er.. but started in tier 3 like all the others and don't want to tier up another way. You could ask staff to recheck it and retier it based on your RP's that you've done with us and ask if you could get a certain tier.

    Tiering up via Challenge: When you think your character has fought enough times or hard enough people that he should become stronger. Ask a staff to get a fight together between your character and one of the tier you wish to be. Winning does not mean you will get the tier up. ( But it most certainly helps ) Two staff will monitor the fight and will not intervene even if god modding occurs until after the fight ( Though if the one fighting your character God-Mods during the match..he'll most likely lose a tier and/or Kan ). If the staff judge that you followed the rules well. Gave alot of effort and detail. And proved you were worthy enough for that tier.. You'll get it. ( Most of the time you'll fight a staff member. but there will be times you'll fight another member. ) this my opinion..the best way to get a tier up.

    Tiering up via Character Development: Sometimes you got through a change in character and you think you should be stronger because of it. Such as training with the Captain Commander of Soul Society for instance.. or unlocking a new power such as bankai. When this happens just bring your case before staff and have them judge whether or not to give you a tier up. This is the least likely way to get a tier up but there are some cases where it could happen.

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