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    If I must fight, Let it be with Honor (Private)

    Luke Yasenha
    Luke Yasenha

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    If I must fight, Let it be with Honor (Private) Empty If I must fight, Let it be with Honor (Private)

    Post by Luke Yasenha on Sat Aug 08, 2015 7:48 pm

    Luke Yasenha ;; Shinigami ;; Male

    it was late at night, the seireitei was at rest, it felt nice to feel the peace, not only in himself, but within the place he swore to protect with his life as a shinigami. He laid down on top of the squad three barracks rooftop, feeling the smooth tilting beneath him through his uniform as the third seat's eyes rose to the stars above him, sighing to himself.

    "it's nice to not have to fight for a while, I've always had to fight stronger and stronger opponents, each more deadly then the last, but in a way, I thank them as without their help, I wouldn't be here today and be as strong as I am without them, I wonder what lieutenant Akies and the captain would think if they could see me know, what do you think, Zetsubo?" Luke spoke softly to himself, lamenting on the past before asking his zanpakuto his opinion, the zanpakuto glowed as black as the night sky before the head of his zanpakuto spirit appeared to his right, wearing his trademark black cowboy hat and long black ripped scarf that hide his face from view.

    "it is true, your power has grown with the help of these worthy foes, but I find the peacetime offers one a chance to appreciate the life we have and also the lives that we have saved by fighting these foes, you know me, I much prefer the peace that comes after battle or the peace when there is no battle at all," Zetsubo spoke poetically to me in my head before his head vanished from view, returning to my zanpakuto as Luke laid back down and looked towards the sky.

    "Your right, Zetsubo, let's enjoy the peace while it lasts," Luke spoke, gently rubbing the handle of his zanpakuto, resting his body for when trouble would rise again.

    Location;; Squad three barracks, Seireitei
    Word Count;; 308
    Tags;; Luke, Jeff

    Template (c) Yuki Seika

    If I must fight, Let it be with Honor (Private) Empty Re: If I must fight, Let it be with Honor (Private)

    Post by Ika Mazi (Jeff) on Sat Aug 08, 2015 8:39 pm

    Ika walked into the Seireitei bored as one could ever claim to be, he had plans here this day. Ika planned on making a fool of himself, raising some alarms, and escaping unscathed and as he tailed a Shinigami to the Seireitei he couldn't help but take in the sights and sounds of his old stomping grounds. He heard the clang of metal filling the air from soon to be soldiers training, he saw the sparks flying as they clashed each trying to prove their metal and worth to be superior to those they clashed against. He heard the eager clamoring of the people luxuriously roaming the Rukongai chit-chatting away absent minded of the chaotic fool whom had just entered the area, ready to walk among them. As he began to get caught up in the walk down memory lane, he saw the Shinigami turn his head.

    "Who are you!" The Shinigami barely finished his sentence before Ika was on him, with a quick thrust of Ika's hand to his stomach the man was through, he didn't even know it yet. Ika's hand drilled the poor mans stomach with enough force to be heard in nearby houses, and he then made quick work of the mans kneecaps kicking them in individually, as the man reached for his stomach, the man went to fall and that was when his life met his end. "I'm sorry, you shouldn't have turned around" a loud crack was heard as the man slowly hit the ground, his neck contorted and twisted a full 180 in one effortless movement by the man known as Ika Mazi. "Well, this place could really use an update in security couldn't it, gosh they were always so damned cheap!" Ika said this with a grin as he looked around and saw the people stare in awe of him, though he certainly was aware that their awe was more driven by fear than intrigue. "Okay guys now let's just calm down.." Ika said wryly as the people ran to their homes, the streets vacant within minutes as Ika hung the mans body from one of the high lines in the district. He figured few people had ever seen a dead soul reaper here before, and even fewer had seen ones back and face at the same time. However that was the precarious predicament Ika opted to put these poor people in, as he walked down the street laughing merrily. "Ahhh what a bunch of pussies man, they need to get a grip of reality."

    The streets went quiet, he felt only one notable Reitsu in the area, at rest none the less but it was there. Ika opted to wait for the man to notice him, as he sat down in a chair at the end of the road, taking a hit off the cigarette he had freshly lit a moment prior "boy..this used to be the life right here man.." He said this in a state of quiet contemplation, reminiscing about what once was, but these were very different days and he knew it, he was still however intrigued by the Reitsu coming from the other direction, not due to it's power, it was Vice Captain level at best, but more so because of the dark presence within it... another Vizard perhaps? Ika grinned mildly from ear to ear in anticipation of the days events, he through the cigarette in the air and scorched it "Hadou 4, Byakurai" Ika said lazily as the thing dissipated and turned to ash, blowing away with the breeze. As he went to lay back and wait, he felt a trickle of blood run down his face, as he had accidentally hit the man he positioned above him with the Hadou as well, leaving a small hole in his chest. "Whoops... my bad buddy." Ika moved his chair out from under the bleeding body and smiled, waiting for his fun to the bemusing sound beside him. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip.

    "Come on, Vizard.."
    Luke Yasenha
    Luke Yasenha

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    If I must fight, Let it be with Honor (Private) Empty Re: If I must fight, Let it be with Honor (Private)

    Post by Luke Yasenha on Sat Aug 08, 2015 9:22 pm

    Luke Yasenha ;; Shinigami ;; Male

    Luke continued to watch the heavens till a strange spiritual pressure came within range, from its power and strength, it was equal to a captain, but as far as Luke knew, all the captains were accounted for, the active ones anyway and this spiritual pressure wasn't like the ones found by the records of the captain's spiritual pressures. it was then that a squad three member found him on the roof, leaping up to him, looking pale. Luke looked around at the unseated member.

    "What's happened?" Luke asked, straight and to the point, the member was panting and he looked scared, he pointed to a building a couple of miles away from the barracks.

    "it's the guy from the night watch, Third seat Yasenha, he's been killed by a unknown assalent, reports of a shinigami of some unknown kind broke into the seireitei, what should we do, sir?" he asked him, feeling worried. Luke stood up and walked over to him, resting his hand on the man's shoulder.

    "gather the men and go onto full alert, notify the squads that we have a unwelcome visitor, I will go myself to assess this ryoka's abilities and report back, but if anyone comes across him, do not engage, this is a powerful foe, do not let your guard down for a moment," Luke told him, making sure the unseated officer had something to distract him from the terror of what they were to face and so then, the hunt would be on to find the ryoka and capture him, dead or alive. Luke headed off, using his flash step to cover the ground in moments, the sight that awaited him was horrific; corpses of shinigami lay hanging by buildings in various states of disfigurement, Luke felt sick, not literally sick, but sick that someone could do something like this, he saw blood drip onto his face and looked up, seeing the watchman dead, a hole cleanly through his body, appearing to be from a pin-point byakurai strike, Luke went to his zanpakuto and unsheathed it, the blade grinding against the inside of the black sheath before he revealed his sealed zanpakuto, Luke's senses were on high alert, his blood red eyes looking from all directions in front of him, his mind scanning for the unusually strong spiritual pressure from before, his gloved hands tightening around Zetsubo's hilt, feeling that the ryoka was close, Luke called out to him.

    "I know your here, ryoka, come out or do you intend to hide in the dark like a coward? come out and face me, I am Luke Yasenha, third seat of squad three, show yourself to me, ryoka," Luke called out, angry that so many of his subordinates were killed on his watch and in such a dishonorable way, he kept his guard up, not wanting to suffer the same fate as his men.

    Location;; Outside the squad three barracks, Seireitei
    Word Count;; 476
    Tags;; Luke, Ika

    Template (c) Yuki Seika

    If I must fight, Let it be with Honor (Private) Empty Re: If I must fight, Let it be with Honor (Private)

    Post by Ika Mazi (Jeff) on Sat Aug 08, 2015 9:54 pm

    Ika smiled as the man began his approach towards him using Flash step, "a quick one isn't he.." Ika grinned as the man began to search for him and accused him of cowardice. "My my, how the mighty Gotei must have fallen, I'm apparently invisible to them while sitting, in the middle of the road, under a corpse. Perhaps I should take my fake invisibility cloak off, or perhaps you should look over here Lieutenant."

    Ika stood up and in one fluid motion kicked the chair towards the Shinigami with a fair amount of force, enough to where the Shinigami would be best served to take notice of it, or risk the worst splintering of his life. Both thoughts bemused Ika enough to where he really didn't care which option was the one to occur, he just wanted the mans attention turned towards him. "Now that I have your undivided attention, I am Ika Mazi, a Vizard like yourself and former Lieutenant of squad five, 3rd seat of squad twelve, 10th of squad eleven, and Captain of squad two, how can I be at your assistance good sir?"

    As Ika grinned and bowed before the man he began to notice the dripping noise once again, plip, plop, plip, plop. "Ah yes, do you like my new sense of decor for the area? I thought it rather fitting for the circumstances of this area, my sense of fashion it seems will never be my undoing hm?"

    Ika's grin was one of satisfaction and he had heard on the radios that the man he killed was a third seat. He sighed loudly "boy they just don't make them the way they used to back in my day now do they? I mean, I'm pretty well revered around here, a legend of my own making, but still, for a man to be undone this quickly, to be dispatched this quickly with such a high rank to boot? That's pathetic, it's unacceptable really, no damn wonder you all die so much nowadays, Hadou 31, Shakkaho." Ika pointed a hand at the mans corpse and fired, blowing it to bits on contact that colored the landscape.

    Ika watched as the bits became strewn across the landscape. "Oh yes, you there..perhaps you can help me finish decorating! I was thinking red, and I'm sure you have plenty of red blood in your veins, how about we drain it and add you to the same list that this petty officer is now a part of? Come quietly and I can even promise it'll be painless, unlike your owl looking friend here, you know they said it was only owls that could turn their heads that way.. guess we now know they only meant creatures that were still among the living."

    Ika caught himself in mid Monologue "Oh right, I neglected to ask your name much as I neglected his, I would hope to not have to leave two corpses nameless.. why that would be a tragedy of epic proportions! Ika said visibly exasperated by the idea, waiting for him to grant him a name before doing anything to serious, he sat back and waited, watching the man for any sudden movements he would come to regret. This was going to be fun.
    Luke Yasenha
    Luke Yasenha

    Rank : Captain
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    If I must fight, Let it be with Honor (Private) Empty Re: If I must fight, Let it be with Honor (Private)

    Post by Luke Yasenha on Sun Aug 09, 2015 6:40 pm

    Luke Yasenha ;; Shinigami ;; Male    

    Luke heard the shift in movement, seeing the man stand up and kick a chair at him, Luke reacted quickly and broke the chair with a straight kick, sending the pieces flying around him before seeing the ryoka standing only a few meters away as he cockily introduced himself as Ika Mazi as well as listing a bunch of former titles this animal had once held, but one title he said sounded familar; the word "Vizard" remained him of what Iro, the lieutenant of the kido corps once told him about a man who had been called a vizard who had been killed several years ago.

    "is this the guy from before? and why does he refer to me as one?" Luke thought to himself as he asked him if he could be of assistance, Luke felt angry at this guy who clearly had blood on his hands.

    "I don't need your assistance here, former captain Ika, more, I should ask you why you are here, killing your own...besides that, what is this Vizard you all keep referring to?" Luke asked him, wondering of what this man's intent was and what he meant by that name.

    as he bowed to Luke, he noticed the dripping of blood had started up again as Ika explained about his sick understanding of what decor meant as he referred to the corpses all around him, something that made Luke's blood boil at how he treated them like nothing.

    "it smells and your out your mind if you think I'd like something like this, let me make this very clear, I ain't like you, nor do I ever intend to be," Luke told him, his zanpakuto ready to strike him as Ika appeared to be listening to something else and he smiled as he explained that he was disapointed in the shinigami and how easily he had been forgotten by the shinigami before firing a Shakkaho, blowing apart a dead shinigami beside him, sending blood and gore everywhere, some blood splat against Luke's cheek as Ika explained that he was going to take Luke's blood and paint the district in it while also asking his name so when he died, he would have the name of his victim, Luke sighed angrily before answering Ika.

    "I have no intention of letting you kill anymore people, these people were proud shinigami, yet you kill them without even the slightest bit of honor, they couldn't even fight back, it's easy to tell since their zanpakutos are still in their sheaths, but I will give you a name since if I recall, it's a squad eleven tradition to give your name to the person your going to kill, right? well, since you've given yours, I will give you mine since you didn't hear me before; I am Luke Yasenha, third seat of squad three and I will stop you," Luke told him aloud with a confident voice as behind his back, he hid his free hand from view as he whispered a incantation.

    "Carriage of thunder, Bridge of a spinning wheel..." Luke whispered as black energy gathered at the tip of his middle and index finger that was extended behind his back "...With Darkness, Manifest this into six: bakudo number sixty-one: Rokukurayamibō" Luke whispered before calling out the name of his unusal infected kido variant of the regular bakudo as he pointed his middle and index finger of his hidden hand at Ika, as he did, the spark of darkness shot out and six black thin yet wide beams of darkness to suddenly surround Ika and they would slam into his midsection, unlike the normal bakudo, this had more speed and force behind it, making it was quite possible to break a bone with the force the beans exerted. Luke then took a stance, bringing his sword back before he would charge, using flash step, aiming to slash Ika down the middle and appear behind him, swing his blade to cut at Ika's throat, aiming to weaken him for when the others arrived to take care of him.

    kido used:
    Spell Name: Rokukurayamibō (Six rods of darkness)
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #61
    Spell Incantation: "Carriage of thunder, Bridge of a spinning wheel. With Darkness, Manifest this into six!"
    Spell Effect:to perform this technique, Luke extents the index finger and the middle finger, upon finishing the incantation or simply the name of the technique, creates a spark of darkness from the tips of the two fingers that summons six, thin but wide beams of Darkness that slam into the target's midsection, causing some bones to break because of the increased force of the technique, also causing complete paralysis, even to the parts of the body not struck by the beams of the technique, can be used with Hainawa to generate the rods from the rope.

    Location;; Outside of squad three barracks, Seireitei
    Word Count;; 674
    Tags;; Luke, Ika

    Template (c) Yuki Seika

    If I must fight, Let it be with Honor (Private) Empty Re: If I must fight, Let it be with Honor (Private)

    Post by Ika Mazi (Jeff) on Sun Aug 09, 2015 7:16 pm

    Ika stood tall, his lean six-foot two-inch frame towering over most in the general area, if only by a marginal amount. He brushed his hair from his eyes as the man kicked the chair into splinters, "Well, at least you look to be a tad more fun than the one that came before you.. though.. the title of 'Vizard' seems to bother you ever so slightly, could it be that you're unaware of what lies inside of you? Oh if only all of us were so lucky, if only we could sit here playing ignorant to the facts of it all, ignoring every sign in order to remain good for the sake of title. What a crying shame that you're to ignorant in your bliss to realize the truth of things so I'll just lay it out there for ya kid. You're just like me, half Hollow, half Shinigami, half good, half evil, or at least so they say.." Ika shrugged his shoulders and cocked his head towards the man, "But even that cannot, will not, and would not save you.."

    Ika smiled as the kid spoke his mind of his assistance and looked to the sky, incapable of stifling the oncoming laughter that erupted from the deepest pits of his being, the darkest thoughts came to mind and burst out through his throat, the laugh resembled that of a madman, it was one of a madman. "I haven't been one of you for a very long time, none of you have interested me in a time longer than that but you... lets see if you have it in you to garner my interest, it's doubtful most certainly, but I've been wrong in the past.." Ika tapped his head once as if he had forgotten something of the utmost Importance, "We're Vizards you fool, as I said, one in the same. Disowned when found out and removed from existence if we allow ourselves to be, I personally was not stupid enough to allow myself to be so moved, nor do I have plans to allow such things." Ika lazily shrugged his shoulders "not that you have to worry about it anymore of course."

    Ika did his best to appear visibly hurt by the Shinigami's disrespectful comments towards his choices of decorum and color to liven the place up a bit, "I mean I understand some simple tastes may not coincide with my own, but to think you'd be so rude, and rabidly disrespectful is... it's a sin, a catastrophe abound! Perhaps you can consult God with your needed remarks, as he's soon to become your closest confident if you don't prove something to me VERY quickly boy, but.. allow me to grant you a lesson on the art of battle, the rules to bloodshed, the code to war, allow me to show you the ingrained knowledge of murder I learned from your masters, the one I taught to their students, and so on..

    He laughed at the students remarks about the safety of others and pointed his finger at a woman crossing the road "hadou 4, Byakurai" he laughed as the attack went towards it's intended destination with precision, and waited to see what would come of it. "Well, let's see if you can save one person first before we get carried away about saving them all, and though I appreciate you giving me your name I can no longer allow for your startling disrespect to run amok. I cannot permit you to leave this place alive and so I'm happy to tell you that you can consider this place your tomb just as your friend did, and as for your speech about the honor of my fighting you should also know that I killed him with my hands, and he was no less armed than I.. Well... he wasn't at the time.. now he's missing an arm but..well.. I can be quite disarming. Bad pun I know, anyway.."

    As Ika began to collect himself he noticed the man trying an incantation, he Shunpo'd forwards releasing all of his Reitsu at once in order to stun the boy and pulled his hard and heavy lever sheathe out from beside his pants, and swung once horizontally at the boys nose before Shunpoing behind him for one to the back of his head. "Rule one to combat, know when you have time to sit and pray, rule two, if you don't have time to do that, then do not be simpleton enough to believe you can say a full incantation."

    Ika grinned as he thought of the incantation for a second. "Bakudou 61... Not a small spell by any stretch, perhaps you will be a fight after all..." Ika put his sheathe back where it belonged, on the side of his faded black skinny jeans in the belt loop and nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders, measuring his prey. "Show me your metal Shinigami... I've seen enough of your kinds blood, show me what else your made of, show me something other than bones and flesh and blood, show me something other than muscle and spasms and chemical reactions, show me what it's like to be alive, show me the will your kind so happily preaches of, let me see it!" as Ika said this he let his Reitsu flare out shattering nearby windows as he laid his hands to his sides and stretched out his cheek, taking the time to draw a giant black X on it in permanent marker that he retrieved from his bag. "So come on, free punch."

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    If I must fight, Let it be with Honor (Private) Empty Re: If I must fight, Let it be with Honor (Private)

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