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    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format)

    Luke Yasenha
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    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) Empty Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format)

    Post by Luke Yasenha on Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:20 pm

    Who are you?

    Name: Ryo Suzuki

    Name meaning:
    Ryo means "Warrior" while Suzuki is from two words from Suzu meaning "Bell" and Ki meaning "Tree" giving his last name the translation of "Bell tree"


    The Ghost who walks: During his time in Suzuki, the 80th district in the southern rukon district, it became well know that many tried and claimed to have killed him, only for him to see walking normally the next day as well due to his ability to remain hidden and out of sight like a ghost is where this Alias comes from.

    Ryo-Sensei: During his time as the substitute lieutenant, he trained many members of the stealth force, including the young Luke Yasenha where Luke normally referred to him by this Alias.

    Age: 849 (Full age), 819 (age since death and upon entering the soul society)
    Age of Appearance: 30
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Shinigami
    Character Alignment: Neutral good

    Overall Appearance (Image from Shinoda-Kusanagi):
    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) 15ca8b59659098454152a84528fdc62e-d7oyggh

    Ryo is a well toned male, keeping a athletic build, although from all appearances, he doesn't appear to be packing much in the the terms of muscle, not in a way that makes him look like he hasn't been eating well but it could be presumed that he isn't that strong but it couldn't be further from the truth, he's quite strong but focuses more on core strength to be able to not only be strong but to be fast; being a former lieutenant of squad two, he's well versed in using his speed to kill quickly but also the strength to be able to counter and surprise seemingly stronger foes, as so, he works to train these two things.

    He's five foot ten inches tall with Matt white spiky hair, he has a smooth and what some can call a "handsome" facial appearance; having deep brown eyes, reflecting a deep thought process but also holding a inner sadness in the caramel-colored eyes following the dishonor of having to perform assassination missions instead of fighting people head on with honor and distinction that he much prefers. his face is normally shown to be quite serious, normally only his eyes show what he is feeling most times, only during times of intense trauma or dishonor will he show his feelings more openly or during times when he is calm and relaxed or happy, his facial features will relax and maybe bless someone with a small smile around the lips too.

    He sounds like a samurai monk; with a warrior-like depth and command but with a gentle and wise undertone you would find with a monk and he walks with a confident yet gentle stride, showing his warrior's pride in each step that he takes.

    There is also the unique thing that he is left handed, preferring to use his sword in his left hand, although he has shown that he's ambidextrous or able to use both hands to fight with, although he prefers to use his left hand in terms to fighting and general use, on occasions, he can use his right hand, although he shows discomfort for using his right hand, he can use his right hand with decent amount of skill.

    He also carries the hollow mask fragment of the arrancar he tried to assassinate; Berenguer Espetón, tucked into the pocket of his suit or his hoody, it still possess a trace amount of Berenguer's reiatsu which Ryo can use with the Kakushitsuijaku to help him in finding his foe, although what other effects the hollow reiatsu will have on him remains to be seen.

    Mask Fragment (Bottom left jaw fragment):
    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) Austin__s_Hollow_Mask_Revamped_by_Awesometacious

    Style/Clothing: In terms of his official uniform as it was when he was the lieutenant of squad two; he wore the official Shihakushō of the shinigami but with a deep sea blue Shitagi (under clothing) and a thin back mounted sheath with a cobalt colored sash that fits across Ryo's chest with the handle coming above the left shoulder. He also had the squad two lieutenant's badge attached to his upper arm on his right side and a small gourd with a cobalt ribbon around the middle, filled with a black power for use inconjuction with Kakushitsuijaku and Tenteikūra which he keeps within a fold of his uniform or within a inside pocket.

    In terms of casual clothing as the former lieutenant of squad two; he wore casual yet formal clothing consisting of a cobalt colored shirt with his squad symbol on the chest pocket and long sleeves with a pair of black tracksuit bottoms with two cobalt racing stripes down the outside leg on both sides with similarly designed trainers for long distance running.

    In terms of formal clothing, he wears a deep sea kimono, decorated with a scene of snowy wolves playing around in a snow covered forest in the mountains with a light blue obi and a cane with a deep blue jewel on top, held in a steel eagle but there is a hidden sword within the shaft in case of emergencies like a sudden hollow attack or something similar.

    While on his self appointed exile in the world of the living, in terms of formal wear, he wears a three-piece suit with a deep blue formal shirt, black pimp stripe overcoat and trousers, formal footwear and his cane sword, of course however, his back mounted sheath that holds his zanpakuto is always on him as he refuses to part with it.

    Cane sword appearance:
    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) EWSW983

    While on his self appointed exile, in terms of casual wear, he wears a cobalt T-shirt with a energy dragon with the front half on the front of the shirt and it's back half and tail coming over the left shoulder and down the back, he also wears loose fitting black trousers with a deep blue obi around his waist and a pair of blue and black trainers and similar colored socks. He also wears a black hoody with blue racing stripes down the back and on the hood with a picture of a wolf snarling on the back. Or alternatively, he wears a loose cobalt sports vest instead of the T-shirt and/or a cobalt scarf around his neck that he can pull up at anytime.

    Tattoo's/Scars/Etc: None currently

    Personality: (What is your character like? How do they behave while in combat? Around others? When alone? Do they enjoy fighting? Are they a pacifist? Aim for at least 2-3 paragraphs here, us mods want to be able to get a feel for how your character would act, etc when we read the app.)

    (For Likes, Dislikes, Ambitions, etc, go for 1-3 sentences per point, more if you wish.)


    • Cobalt: Ryo's favorite color is cobalt, a deep royal blue, even as the formal lieutenant of squad two, he always wore the color with his uniform and there was always parts of the color on his clothing.

    • A fight with honor: Ryo's most favorite thing is a fight where he and his opponent can fight head-on and honorably, where neither him or his opponent has no regrets in who won or lost, he trains this philosophy into every student he trains to always fight with respect and with honor, never sacrifice anything for your honor and self-respect of you and of what others think of you.

    • Teaching his students his ways: As mentioned above, Ryo enjoys teaching others not just his fighting style but his philosophy on fighting, not just the squad two methods but on fighting with honor and respect for one's opponent and not to underestimate your opponents, no matter who strong or weak, male or female or what race they are to always conduct themselves with that honorable and respectful manner.

    • Romance novel reader: One of Ryo's little quirks is he's quite the fan of romance novels, normally having one either in the pocket of his Shihakushō, the inside of his suit jacket or in his trouser pocket. the books he reads are either ones write by a squad nine member at the time when he was the squad two lieutenant, called "Shin'ya tamashī" (Midnight Soul), a popular paranormal romance story about a young human male meeting a young female shinigami who she falls in love with but as a shinigami and a spiritual being, she couldn't touch him or talking to him and he couldn't see her so she must try everything she can think of to try and confess her love for him, it's said to have a seemingly dark yet happy ending or, while in the human world, a story called "Black Moon Draw" where a young girl is sealed inside a book where she must convince a young handsome male hero to send her home but comes into question if she wishes to leave or stay with him in the story that doesn't end, he normal reads these books while relaxing or sometimes on duty if it's a run-of-the-mil missions of taking out hollows or his normal lieutenant duties.

    • Horse ridding: Ryo also has a fondness for horses, when he used to be the squad two lieutenant, he had a private stable near his quarters so he could take a ride on his black shire horse called "Kazuhito" (meaning "Benevolent one") which he would always ride on a clear moonlit night through the various parks and forests throughout the seireitei on a specially made cobalt saddle and even while in the world of the living, he still maintains his love of horses and riding them, making it one of the few hobbies that give him peace of mind besides his obsessive reading habits.

    • Performing kaiga: Kaiga (or "Japanese painting") is one of the other hobbies that Ryo enjoys and has shown to have quite a talent for painting excellent pieces of this unique art style which he either sells or puts up in a gallery in the world of the living for people to come in and admire. current, his gallery holds fifty pieces of his work and he has sold at least that number in private sales or requests from clients.

    • A fight without honor: Ryo's despises having to fight by cowardly or dishonorable ways, this also goes for opponents that fight in a cowardly or dishonorable way as it's disrespectful and something only cowards or weaklings would try to do something like that, he tries to fight with honor and respect for his opponent for all but will never forgive those who show dishonorable actions towards anyone.

    • Wasabi: Ryo has a dislike of Wasabi or the Japanese horseradish for its strong and spicy flavor irritates his throat and taste buds as well as giving him a strong headache from the slight overload in blood pressure in his head from the spiciness.

    • Being disturbed from his reading: Ryo dislikes being disturbed from his reading while on his downtime, especially if he's getting to a good part of the story, although it seems to happen on a regular basis that he is interrupted at these key points in his story by someone interrupting him or something happening that means he has to look up from his book to see what happened, he gets somewhat annoyed at the fact that he's constantly interrupted and seems to never get to the end of the book he is reading.

    • Horror stories: Ryo has a vast dislike for horror novels and stories after he read one while still a child, traumatizing him and therefore, avoids all stories with the horror theme, plot or even anything with even a little horror in it, although this is normally played for comic effect as he never shows any such distaste to his everyday work apart from his assassination contracts.

    • Performing Assassinations: Ryo hates assassinations more then anything else besides a dishonorable fight and death and will go out his way to avoid or object to being given such a order as a assassination to him involves shame and dishonor for not letting the target fight back and having to stab him in the back, it goes against his honor and his pride to do such a thing, although he has great skills as a former lieutenant of squad two to perform such tasks, even to the point of giving him high level targets to assassinate due to his great skill in performing said task, he dislikes having to do them.

    • To regain his honor among the shinigami: one of Ryo's dreams is to regain the honor he lost when he was force to perform a assassination on a high-value arrancar target but he failed to get the kill so he decided to exile himself and never returned to the soul society but he hopes that one day, he wishes to regain his honor as a shinigami and possibly return to his squad.

    • Regaining his place as the squad two lieutenant: If Ryo returns to the soul society and regains his place among his fellow shinigami, he'll return to squad two to regain his place as the squad two lieutenant, if he must fight the new lieutenant that took over in his absence then he will to regain what was lost from him all those years ago.

    • Track down the target he failed to kill the first time and eliminate him: Ryo, after regaining his place as the squad two lieutenant, desires to regain his honor and seek the arrancar that he was sent to kill but failed the first time, only then will he be able to move on and fully reclaim the honor he once had.

    • A keen eye for details: Ryo possess's a keen eye for detail, seeing and noticing things that others may miss from the smallest cut in a wall from a passing sword gently scraping across its surface to someone's obi being twenty centimeters too far to the right.

    • Fiercely loyal: Ryo, due to his behavior and honor centered mind, is fiercely loyal to his friends and to the Gotei 13, especially for his squad in particular as even exiled, he still shows pride in being the squad two lieutenant in the past and will defend them and their name, even though he is on his self-inflicted exile and is no longer the squad two lieutenant, the only time this isn't true is when someone betrays him or dishonors him in any way, he will turn on them, even if they believe he will not as someone that betrays his loyally and trust he no longer considers worthy to be alive.

    • Focused: Ryo, due to his unique mind set is incredibly focused once he is given something to do and this makes him very hard to distract once he has focused on something, whether that is on a opponent or when drawing scenes of samurai fighting battles and hardships or paints of a normal yet beautiful scene of old Japanese life, although sometimes during times when he's doing something like reading when he should be working, it's hard to get his attention. there was a time that the only way to get his attention was using kido or a cigarette lighter to literally set his pants on fire but this is normally just a practical joke to see what it will take to get Ryo's attention once he's set his mind to something but a benefit of this is that this also makes him very determined which helps to boost his resolve.

    • Analytical: Ryo, due to his keen eye for detail and his unique mind set, is very Analytical, able to process the vast amount of data his senses pick up and make sense of it, this also benefits his ability to track as he can use the details his senses pick up to work out where someone has gone with his knowledge of how to track anything from a simple human to a spirit being like a hollow or a fellow shinigami. He can also be quick to work out weaknesses or to work out complex plans within a couple of minutes and then explain it to his team in a way they can understand.

    • Creative minded: Ryo has quite the creative mind, which he pours into his painting, allowing him to come up with great and thought provoking pieces that also look beautiful. He also uses this creativity in battle to break patterns and mix things up in ways a opponent may not be expecting him to do, this also factors in his planning when he can come up with different ways of approaching the same problem then going through the different solutions to that problem that will be the most ideal to go with, taking into what he has and who is with him at the time, although he can normally edit the plan as things occur, making him quite versatile in his thinking.

    • Good teamwork skills: Ryo developed this skill during his time in the patrol corps, making him able to work well within a team when he was in command of the patrol corps, he lead many successful missions, using his unique mind set and his skill sets to best accommodate his team and how the mission went. With his versatile way of thinking, he can also accommodate addition problems or people entering the mix with little difficult and reshape his plans around the new developments.

    Fears & Weaknesses:
    • Fear of a dishonorable death: Ryo primary weakness is his death by dishonorable means, he hates the very thought of it, enough that will do anything to avoid such a fate as long as it preserves his honor as a warrior and a shinigami.

    • Sensory Overload: Ryo, despite having a keen eye for detail, suffers from sensory overload because of taking in so much detail, it gets too much to handle all at once and tends to shut down, refuses to talk and gets annoyed much easier as well as becoming overly sensitive to sounds and textile sensations around him, can last from one to three posts, depending on the situation.

    • Distracted by his reading: Ryo, as mentioned earlier, loves reading his romance novels, unfortunately, he's not quite paying attention as one might think, although this issue normally doesn't come up in more serious missions, this may lead to either him missing something or getting hit by something he wasn't paying attention to, although this maybe as a trick if he's keeping his mind open to detect spiritual pressure but this wouldn't be as good as if his mind was on the job.

    • Someone stealing his book/s: Ryo, as stated, loves his romance novels so if someone stole his book, Ryo will become incredibly angry to the point of violence, even against a human, not caring for his safety or the safety of other humans, he'll quickly deal with the thief, either violently beating him up with quick, rapid strikes or knock him in the head with enough force to either kill him or knock him unconscious and leaving him with internal bleeding and brain damage, because of this, this could be used against him to lead him into traps or ambushes when he's not focusing.

    • Stress shakes: Ryo suffers from a condition when he gets too stressed out and looses focus, he tends to get the shakes in his hands, making it harder to keep a hold on his sword and also makes it easier for a opponent to dodge or even disarm him. although calming down is the best way to stop the shakes, not always the easiest thing to do while in battle.

    Battle Specs

    List of 'Known' Skills:

    • Shunpo
    • Basic Reiatsu Detection
    • *If more need to be added let a Mod/Admin know*

    Fighting Style:

    Ryo's fighting style is a mix of different styles of the following:

    Zanjutsu: Ryo uses this primary during the fight when he has to fight head on, which he prefers to do to retain his honor, he shows great skill with his sword to not only counter another person's blade but using the unique quality of his blade to trap a opponent's blade in one of the holes running through the center of the blade, he is also skilled enough to fight multiple enemies at once using only his blade to fight with.

    Also due to his life as a samurai before being reborn as a soul in the soul society, Ryo still retained the muscle memory of his Kenjutsu (Art of the sword), laijutsu (Art of mental presence and immediate reaction), Naginatajutsu (Art of the Naginata, a Pole staff with a single blade at one end*) and Sōjutsu (Art of the Yari, A Japanese spear). these skills, once reawakened, allows Ryo to be vastly versatile with a vast array of weapons as well as formidable skills with his zanpakuto, being able to make quick and effective strikes of Kenjutsu and Zanjutsu to the extremely fast, single slash of laijutsu that also ties into Senka. this also helped him during the first few days of being in Suzuki by making use of any weapon he could get his hands on while using them to devastating effect.

    Hakuda: Ryo does however possess great hakuda ability as a former lieutenant of squad two as part of the training stealth force members undertake to learn to fight without relying on a zanpakuto or if one looses his zanpakuto then they would still be able to fight without a problem, he uses devastating punches to make holes in solid concrete walls or against his enemies, using either those punches or kicks or using his finger techniques to aim for pressure points for a variety of effects depending on the desired effect. of course, he can fall back to his Shunkō when he's fighting either for a power boost or for protecting himself from attacks while being able to counterattack to devastating effect.

    Jujutsu: Ryo, due to his past life of being a samurai, retained the various training of Jujutsu and using various body locking techniques like arm, leg, ankle and body locks, choke holds, performing grappling and throwing techniques and performing takedowns on downed opponents. combining this with his vast knowledge of both Hakuda and finger techniques once becoming a part of squad two makes him extremely dangerous even without a zanpakuto at hand as he's able to take on several opponents barehanded.

    Kido: Ryo has decent ability to use kido, able to use both Hadō and Bakudō up to #70s level kido with little effort, although more then likely to use the incantations for kido in the seventies range, he focuses on Hadō that allows for quick strikes like byakurai, Shō and Sōkatsui while his other Hadō he has as a reserve to change the course of a fight, he excels more in Bakudō, especially learning Bakudō like Kakushitsuijaku and Tenteikūra, which allows him to track targets with the first one and with the second one, communicate with his squad or anyone of importance that his task is done or when he needs to provide Intel to his squad members if he is doing a task that requires more then himself, making him quite well adapted to working as a team.

    Stealth Combat: as a former lieutenant of squad two, Ryo possesses a great deal of knowledge regarding squad two's fighting style and methods of killing reserved for the punishment force and patrol corps, having served in both with serving in the patrol corps first before being promoted to the punishment force. Although due to his preference of fighting opponents head on, his dislikes having to use it unless he has no choice but even so, he has great skills in the art of stealth combat and the art of assassination, aided by his unnatural skill in concealing his reiatsu, becoming a ghost unless discovered, however unlikely such a event is to be. He's able to remain hidden and out of sight for vast amounts of time without anyone realizing he is there until he reveals himself, he also uses this to take people by surprise and take advantage of it to attack his opponent.

    During training, Ryo prefers to come at people like a enemy would; with a intent to kill, something he passed down to his last student, Luke Yasenha, that if he came at him like a spar, then the training becomes meaningless because your enemies won't be showing you the same kindness as to give you a break or let you live, having said that, he won't kill any of his training partners, he'll come close but he also believes that its a waste of time to train someone, only to kill them later on during the training that it defeats the point of training someone if they die before the end of it and that it would show dishonor to shed a allies blood without them facing their true enemy, only these two things stop Ryo from killing his training partners during these times, although he is not bloodthirsty, only trying to prove a point of what their enemies will do to them.

    During the fight of a equal opponent, Ryo will generally fight face to face with them as his general preference in fighting a opponent is head on so he can keep both his and his opponent's honor, he normal keeps to his sealed zanpakuto unless it's clear that he requires his shikai to fight against his opponent to save his honor and of course, falling back to kido and hakuda techniques to gain a advantage, this also applies to when he's fighting a opponent of lesser strength to strength greater then his own as to fight without honor would disgrace him and his squad as he doesn't believe in running away, he will stand his ground against foes of greater strength, making use of every technique and skill he has to push any advantage he has and using his mind to watch for any openings to attack while with foes of lesser strength, he will still fight head on, not wanting to dishonor them and may even say if they are improving or not.

    Personal Abilities:

    (Shinigami may not start with more than ONE personal ability. Personal abilities are special powers unique to your character. They are obtained at birth or through freak occurrences. These cannot be things you would able to teach others or simply obtain through hard work along.)

    Name: Shunpo Mastery
    Effect: As the man who taught luke every he knows about shunpo and helped him master it in the first place, Ryo is well versed with the techniques of shunpo and their various forms and use them to great effect, able to keep up with captain-level shinigami with his speed and cover vast distances with very little effort.

    Name: Reiatsu control mastery
    Effect: even before becoming the lieutenant of squad two, Ryo had the unrivaled ability to completely hide his spiritual pressure, able to stay hidden for vast periods of time without anyone knowing he was there, although generally, once discovered, he will release his spiritual pressure as there is no longer a need to hide it, although even at this stage, he can finely tune his reiatsu and spirit energy to better focus on things like his kido for increased performance to shielding himself from attacks just with reiatsu without having to waste anymore reiatsu then what was required to block, this also aids in his ability to use Shunkō as it requires this mastery of his reiatsu to focus kido into the specific areas required for its use. His reiatsu is cobalt in color.

    General Techniques:

    (Shinigami may NOT start with more than four general techniques. Techniques are not extra abilities, but rather, skills which use your abilities in more extreme forms beyond their basic use. For example... let's say I can shoot fire from my fingers. A technique might be gathering a whole bunch of fire for a few minutes and then shooting a fire-laser from my fingers, doing much more damage than what my ability normally would on it's own. Other special or basic techniques using your normal control over your spiritual energy can also be added here, like adding reiatsu to your punches to inflict more damage, and things like that. Think of abilities as special powers - and think of techniques as moves which use the powers you already have. These are moves your character was taught or trained and developed on their own. They are things anyone would be able to learn and perform unless they are dependent on your unique race or abilities. Examples are custom shunpo variations, hakuda/zanjutsu techniques, and using your reiatsu on an object to simulate telekinesis.)
    These are not used for extra shikai or bankai techniques, elemental techniques, extra abilities and powers.
    Limit 4.

    Technique Name: Senka
    Technique Description: Moving behind a target using Shunpo with a slightly twist in the step, the practitioner cuts off the target's Saketsu and Hakusui (Soul sleep) in two quick and precise strikes, some targets unfamiliar with the technique may not be able to tell if they were attacked from the front or the back and even a outside witness to the technique may find it very difficult to track the movements. needs three posts to cool down.

    Technique in effect:

    Technique Name: Utsusemi
    Technique Description: The practitioner moves at a fast speed to avoid a critical hit by leaving a tangible afterimage that can take the damage for them, making it appear that the opponent got a critical hit when revealed they hit nothing at all, although the practitioner may leave a outer garment like their coat in case it hampers movement while using Utsusemi, although this maybe just to add some depth that the opponent hit them. can only be used once per battle.

    Technique Name: Shunpo/speed clones
    Technique Description: This allows Ryo to create clones using his shunpo to rapidly form them like afterimages, Ryo can make up to ten of these clones, although once hit, they fade away quickly, normally last for four posts but are put down easily, then requires a four post cooldown. these clones, since they do not last long, are more for diverting attention from what he is really doing or as a distraction to get a hit in.

    Technique in effect:
    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) 293Speed_Clones

    Technique Name: Hakuda Expert
    Technique Description: as a former lieutenant of squad two, Ryo has trained extensively in Hakuda, having to train to fight without his sword so he doesn't necessarily have to rely on his zanpakuto to fight, having learned to use various techniques as a extension of his ability, he also uses a form of finger taijutsu by using his middle and index fingers to make quick strikes, accurate enough to target pressure points for a range of effects:

    Technique Name: Tsukiyubi
    Technique Description: a simple yet powerful Hakuda technique where the practitioner presses his index and middle finger against a target, touching any part of the target's body causes a bright burst of energy before it sends them flying a few meters from the practitioner, basically a close range version of the kido spell "Shō". requires a single post cooldown.

    Technique in effect:
    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) Ep37Tsukiyubi

    Technique Name: Ikkotsu
    Technique Description: another seemingly simple yet devastating Hakuda technique in which a single punch can punch a hole through a target and send them flying across a the distance of a city street and heavily damaging anything the target ends up crashing into, whether a building or the ground. requires three posts to cooldown.

    Technique in effect:

    Technique Name: Shunkō
    Technique Description: The highest form of Hakuda techniques and a show of Ryo's years of dedication, gained after he exiled himself from the soul society, he trained to be able to perform Shunkō. when performed, it appears as cobalt flames surrounding Ryo's body with excess flames swirling around his body towards the sky and around him, breaking the ground causing it to rise from the suddenly increased in spiritual pressure causing it to shatter and float monetarily while the technique is being performed; this is unique as it sends a mix of kido energy into the arms and legs of the practitioner, although any clothing on the shoulders and back would be torn off once the technique was activated. the cobalt aura coating his body once the technique has stabilized grants him a AR+1 in close combat and a AR+1 to defense as well as a sealed zanpakuto cannot break through the aura of Ryo's Shunkō but those of a higher tier then Ryo can use shikai to cut through his protective aura. the other thing is that Ryo cannot control Shunkō very well as he can only maintain it for three posts before it requires him to turn it off for four posts.

    Technique general appearance:
    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) Liz

    Technique in effect:
    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) Yoruichi_reveals_her_shunko_to_soi_fon_by_dogfreak108-d4iv0b1

    Shinigami's Partner

    Zanpakuto Name: Kusari Eiyo (Chained Honor)
    Zanpakuto Element: Plasma/life drain
    Sealed Weapon Appearance:
    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) Machete__2_thrower

    The sealed appearance is a double edged katana with several holes through the center of the blade with a double axe head shaped guard and black wrapping, it also has a kunai's ring in the end of the handle, allowing the use to throw the blade or if a rope or another attachment is fitted and tied around the ring, makes the sword a mid-range weapon, it has a back mounted sheath with has several fabric rings fitted around the sides and back of the sheath to fit Anken (small throwing knives, maximum of eight; two on each side and four on the back)

    Spirit Appearance:
    Spirit Appearance:
    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) Elitedeathsquad

    Kusari Eiyo is unlike most zanpakuto spirits in terms of appearance; although most of the time, he wears a black, slick armour with a pointed helmet with dark cobalt blue eye sockets and shoulder mounts, although there are gaps around the toes, hands and the back of the legs and neck, he is seven foot five inches tall with his hands are tetradactyl, having four digits; two middle fingers, and two opposing thumbs on the outside for grasping while his legs are are digitigrade, with short upper and lower legs, and elongated tarsals, using the distal and intermediate phalanges to support his weight when walking while allowing him to run faster and jump higher then humanoids while having two toes at the front only.

    Once he takes his helmet off (if that ever happens), it can be seen that Kusari Eiyo's mouth is quadruple-hinged with a upper jaw and four mandible-like "lips" with each mandible having six, sharp teeth per mandible, his eyes are a bright ocean blue, similar to the eye color of the eye sockets covering his helmet's eyes, it can also be noted that he has a nearly pure black skin color that's scaly in texture and appearance.

    Spirit Personality:

    Kusari Eiyo's personality is focused solely on the concepts of Bushidō (The way of the Samurai) and the core concepts of frugality, loyalty, martial arts mastery, and honor unto death. He speaks with a deep yet wise tone, only speaking when needed or to teach his wielder a lesson by allowing him to figure out the answer, Kusari Eiyo is fiercely loyal to his wielder, not blindly but he won't abandon his wielder unless treated with disrespect and leaving him without honor, although smart, he rather go into close quarters combat, relying on stealth at first to get the kill but when it doesn't work, will fight, using his shikai form to fight with, skilled enough to trap the blades of others in the center to lock and toss the enemy weapon away before going to kill his opponent, although the latter is unlikely as he won't kill a unharmed opponent as it is a dishonor to do such a thing and would bring shame to him, this honor is also one of the reasons for why the shikai must draw blood or a life before being resealed as Kusari Eiyo believes that once the blade is activated or "Drawn", the blade "demands blood" and won't seal again until this has happened.

    Inner World:
    Inner World Appearance:
    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) Matsumoto-castle-inui-kotenshu-renketsushiki-big

    Kusari Eiyo's inner world is a traditional Japanese castle high in the mountains, crossed with a Shinto temple, Kusari Eiyo can be found either training in a training hall or praying in the Shinto temple in the middle of the castle with various incense burning gently around him, there is also a kitchen, several bedrooms and a hospital, although Kusari Eiyo dislikes having a hospital and even less about having to go to one as he believes that the loss of blood without being in battle is dishonorable and acts like a dog that's being forced to take a bath by trying anything to get away from having to go to a hospital and to a doctor or someone from squad twelve.

    The temple tends to shift in condition with the Ryo's mood or condition of his honor, when he's in a good condition or his mood is neutral or happy, the temple is in excellent condition and is well maintained but when he has lost honor through his actions or becomes upset or angry, the temple starts to break apart piece by piece, every time Ryo performs a dishonorable action or stays upset or angry, although regaining honor or returning to a neutral or happier mood, the temple will start to repair itself, similar to time reversal of what happened to it with pieces floating in reverse back into the places they once were destroyed and restores them to the condition they were in before they were destroyed.

    Shikai Release Phrase: "Uphold our Conviction..." (Watashitachi kakushin o mamoru)
    Shikai Appearance:
    Shikai Appearance:
    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) RedEnergySword

    Hilt Appearance: Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) EnergySword_hilt-transparent

    To release, Ryo puts his zanpakuto in front of him flat with the blade pointing to the sky. Upon saying the release command, the blade shifts in form into a curved hilt with two, circular pads with red lights coming from a sealed gap in the pads and a little extended top of the hilt, upon flicking the wrist, two, oval shaped cobalt plasma blades will generate from the pads, forming a little behind the guard but the two blades mostly extend forwards to four and a half feet in length, seventeen inches in width and three point seven inches in thickness.

    Shikai Abilities:

    (Shinigami may start with ONE shikai ability; you may have two shikai abilities only if you can get the tier of 3-3 or stronger. If you have two anyway and fail to get that tier, you will simply have to lock one of the abilities so you can't use them until you hit the appropriate rank. Shikai abilities are only usable in Shikai - they do not apply in bankai or your sealed form.)

    Name: Senshi Kihan (Warrior's Code) (Unnamed IC)
    Effect: The power of Kusari Eiyo is it's plasma blades as these blades can cut through most things like a knife through butter, cutting through anything from a zanpakuto's blade with ease to slicing straight through a arrancar's hierro or reiatsu based techniques like bakudo, hado, etc, giving the shikai a AR+1 against Hierro and reiatsu based things plus the AR+1 in its cutting ability in general but the downside to this is that the blade is honor bound once in its shikai state, meaning it must draw blood before returning to its sealed stated and if blood has not been drawn within enough time (three posts) then the blade starts to drain away the user's life force as a whole, eventually killing the user unless he draws blood or kills someone or something.

    Depending on the tier of the opponent is the time it takes for the plasma blades to cut completely through:

    Two+ Tiers below: two posts, first post cuts through half of the blade before second post cuts through it entirely. (Reduce per tier difference)
    One tier below: Three posts, the blades cutting through one-third of the opponent's blade per post.
    Equal tier: Four posts, the blades cutting through one-fourth of the opponent's blade per post.
    One tier Above: Five posts, The blades cutting through one-fifth of the opponent's blade per post
    Two+ tiers Above: Six posts, the blades cutting through one-sixth of the opponent's blade per post (add one post per addition tier difference)*

    *the above only applies while the blades are in direct contact with a opponent's blade*

    Shikai Techniques: (Shinigami are allowed to start with no more than SIX shikai techniques)

    Technique Name: Senshi no kokoro (Warrior's heart) (Unnamed IC)
    Technique Description: This is based around the wielder's mindset at the time, to use this technique properly, it requires the user to abandon his fear to uphold his conviction and honor in a fight, the technique requires nothing to be said and the only indicator that the technique is going to be used is when the wielder raises the shikai blades in front of him before releasing a white-on-red flame like aura around the wielder with the wielder's heart appearing to glow through the wielder's chest, appearing shiny with the same colored aura around it, the wielder increases all AR stats and ups reiatsu to AR+2 for three posts but the longer the wielder stays within this state, the more damage he/she receives to their body, although during this state, they can ignore pain better, this technique requires absolute focus and detachment from what's going on that breaking the wielder's concentration, even for a split second, releases the technique, then technique requires a minimum of three posts to cooldown, plus regaining the focused mindset required to reactivate this technique, which makes the cooldown technically longer depending on the battle and if the wielder has time to regain such a composed and focused mindset.

    Technique Effect Chart:
    *The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*
    Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: N/A
    Opponent is One Tier Lower: N/A
    Opponent is Equal Tier: N/A
    Opponent is One Tier Higher: N/A
    Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: N/A


    (You may posses up to 10 hadou and 10 bakudo. You may give up some of one for the other for example, a character with 5 hadou and 15 bakudou. Custom Kidou also go here. Spells do not have tier comparison charts as their power varies greatly depending on the caster. YOU MAY ONLY START WITH 1 CUSTOM KIDO. The exception is if you are starting as a kidou corp member. Then you may start with 3 custom spells.)

    Spell Name: Shō
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #1
    Spell Incantation: None
    Spell Effect: the caster extends his index finger before firing a concentrated blast of high knetic energy that will push most people or objects a few meters away from the caster but they take no damage from the kido, only if they hit or crash into something after getting knocked back by the kido.

    Kido in effect:
    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) Latest?cb=20110421184932&path-prefix=pl

    Spell Name: Usuinageha (Pale throwing blade)
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #3
    Spell Incantation: "Mask of flesh and blood, birds that soar the heavens, rain upon thy foe and deliver him a finishing blow!"
    Spell Effect: By charging up spirit energy in his arm with his his palm flat out before making a arc with the arm, Ryo can fire a small curved energy blade, able to cut through most things it comes into contact to. it can also be fired in rapid succession.

    Spell Name: Byakurai
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #4
    Spell Incantation: None
    Spell Effect: the caster extends his index finger and gathers spirit energy at the tip of his extended finger before firing a concentrated beam of cobalt colored lightning at the target, addition lightning is wrapped around the beam, adding to the effect of the lightning as it travels.

    Kido in effect:

    Spell Name: Sōkatsui
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #33
    Spell Incantation: "All things in the universe that fly, that which names all, in the name of truth and temperance, dig your claws into the wall of sinless dreams!
    Spell Effect: the caster extends his whole palm with his fingers extended forwards but only slightly apart before blue flame-like spirit energy flows into the center of the extended palm before firing a large wave of blue flames towards a target, without the incantation, it appears more as a blue fireball that rockets towards a target instead of a wave. causes a explosion on impact plus burn damage depending on tier of the target.

    Kido in effect (Full incantation):
    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) 252Rukia_fires

    Kido in effect (No incantation):
    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) Ep138S%C5%8Dkatsui2

    Spell Name: Daichi Tenyō
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #57
    Spell Incantation: None
    Spell Effect: This uses the caster's hands to levitate objects and/or people and throws them around towards a target (mostly objects in this regard) with people, this would be either pushing them out of harms way or throwing a alley forward to increase their speed towards a target or can be used on allies PCs (with permission of course) or NPCs of lower or equal tier.

    Spell Name: Tenran
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #58
    Spell Incantation: None
    Spell Effect: the caster draws his zanpakuto and Levitates it in front of him before touching the handle gently to send it spinning around in mid air, getting rapidly faster and faster until the caster grabs the handle with the blade facing towards the ground before it fires a tornado from around the zanpakuto from the handle to the tip of the blade outwards towards the target and anything within the area of the tornado's effective radius which is four meters. can also be used with a hand supported by the other hand if the zanpakuto isn't available or for speed

    Kido in effect:
    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) Tenran_Kido

    Spell Name: Sōren Sōkatsui
    Spell Type: Hadō
    Spell Number: #73
    Spell Incantation: "Mask of flesh and blood, universe soar, the one crowned with man's name, twin lotuses into the wall of blue flames, wait for the edge of the great fire in the heavens!"
    Spell Effect: the enhanced version of Sōkatsui; the caster gathers the same blue flame-like energy but into both palms instead of one and then thrusts both his palms together at the target, causing a much larger explosion and increased damaged to the target or object hit plus extra flame damage, depending on tier. Appears as a stream of blue flames, similar to a flame thrower only if the flames were blue.

    Kido in effect:

    Spell Name: Sai
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #1
    Spell Incantation: None
    Spell Effect: the caster extends his middle and index finger towards a target, sending energy that locks their hands behind their backs, similar to handcuffs. can be used on multiple targets at once.

    Kido in effect:

    Spell Name: Hainawa
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #4
    Spell Incantation: None
    Spell Effect: the caster gathers yellow spirit energy into either a single hand or both before sending out a crackling yellow energy rope that wraps around the target's body and arms, restricting their movements. this kido can be used in conjunction with Rikujōkōrō by using the rope to create the rods from the light it creates.

    Kido in effect:
    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) Bakudo_4

    Spell Name: Sekienton
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #21
    Spell Incantation: None
    Spell Effect: the caster places his hands on the ground or below him if he is standing in the air before generating a blue circle underneath him, creating a large cloud of cobalt smoke that obscures the movements of the caster, allowing to either get away or attack while his opponent can't see him coming, although the smoke doesn't hide the caster's spiritual pressure unless he hides that after performing the kido.

    Kido in effect:

    Spell Name: Shitotsu Sansen
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #30
    Spell Incantation: None
    Spell Effect: The caster, using a single hand, draws out a inverted yellow triangle before three, claw-like shapes generate from the three points on the triangle he just made with his hand, these claw triangle fire out rapidly, pinning the target's upper arms and the middle of the target's chest, this however doesn't paralyze the target but keeps them restrained to a surface.

    Kido in effect:

    Spell Name: Kakushitsuijaku
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #58
    Spell Incantation: "Heart of the south, eye of the north, finger of the west, foot of the east, arrive with the wind and depart with the rain."
    Spell Effect: The caster draws a circle with a cross with black powder before drawing four, different symbols in their correct places in the cross sections before the caster places his hands just under the circle to activate the spell, which causes the inside of the circle to glow blue with various number kanji appearing rapidly within the circle, this kido increases the caster's ability to sense spiritual pressure and their basic senses in general to seek a target, the numbers will keep rotating rapidly until the correct set is found, relating to the target's longitude and latitude.

    Kido in effect:

    Spell Name: Rikujōkōrō
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #61
    Spell Incantation: "Carriage of thunder, bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!"
    Spell Effect: The caster points his middle and index finger towards the target before a spark of light emits from the tips of his extended fingers, forming six long but thin rods of light that shoot rapidly towards a target, slamming into their midsection and keeping the arms to the sides, this also paralyzes anything not connected by the rods, parlaying the entire body in the process.

    Kido in effect:

    Spell Name: Gochūtekkan
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #75
    Spell Incantation: "Wall of iron sand, tower of the shaman priests, glow incandescent iron, tranquil and soundless!"
    Spell Effect: the caster places his hands together, as the incantation is spoken, five small yellow orbs with little tails float upwards above the caster's head until he raises his hands in a combined fist as they become flat circles rotating around his hands until finishing the kido and then the caster rapid sends his hands towards the ground, sending the orbs crashing into the ground and disappearing into it, then a bright light will appear above the target before five tall, thick steel pillars connected with thin chains that descends down rapidly to pin the target down with the weight, with the one at the top pressing on the back or chest, depending on which way the pillars fell on them but the other four will always press down on the arms and legs.

    Kido in effect:

    Spell Name: Tenteikūra
    Spell Type: Bakudō
    Spell Number: #77
    Spell Incantation: "Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly though the heavens."
    Spell Effect: The caster first draws kanji on the palms of his hands and a circuit-like pattern going up the arms in a zig-zag way with black powder or blood before placing his palms in front of him, creating a glowing blue square, as he recites the incantation, roots will form from the square, creating a network. the primary power of this kido is communication and can be used to talk to anyone mentally in the area of the caster's using, this kido also works cross dimension as well and can be used to talk to multiple people at once or one but also anyone within the close vicinity of the caster can also talk to whoever is connected by the kido.

    Kido in effect:

    Spell Name: Kyōmon
    Spell Type: Kekkai (Barrier)
    Spell Number: N/A
    Spell Incantation: N/A
    Spell Effect: This barrier is simple in design yet functional; it produces a transparent barrier around a doorway or entrance, when finished, the exterior barrier is stronger then the interior barrier, meaning that, although it's designed to keep people out, the wielder and anyone inside can either pass through or break it much easier. Ryo uses this barrier simply by placing his palm within the space of a entrance or doorway, a flash of light will flash and fill the space within the entrance and leave a mirror-like barrier. Ryo uses this, besides from keeping someone safe is to ensure that Ryo is left alone while painting or just when he needs some time out.

    Kido in effect:
    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) Ky%C5%8Dmon

    Specialty: Close-quarters combat/Mid-range kido user and tracker

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    Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format) Empty Re: Ryo Suzuki, Former lieutenant of squad two WIP (old format)

    Post by Luke Yasenha on Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:22 pm

    The closing years:
    Ryo Suzuki was originally born as Ryo Akiyama in 1166 in Kagoshima, Kyushu, located in southern japan, where his father raised him to serve the shogun and his lord, being a samurai himself, he trained his son in the same regard up till the age of nine, when young Ryo was handed over to lord Daichi Hiroshi, the current lord of Kagoshima, it was here that he would spend many years to learn the finer art of the samurai that his father could not.

    But he was not without still being a child to many of the adult samurai in serve, believing their lord unwise to have such a young boy as a student of their craft and way of life but Ryo was enjoying his freedom from his strict father, even though he trained every day, not necessarily to make his father proud but to exercise his freedom when his body was toned and well developed, even at a young age.

    Ryo enjoyed escaping from the castle his lord kept to explore the city of Kagoshima, he especially loved the smell of open markets as food vendors cooked up the most wonderful of things from red been buns to sweet chill prawns. It wasn't until he was twelve years of age when he had once again escaped to explore Kagoshima's market place that he came across a rather intriguing sight: a young middle-class boy about his age with bright blue eyes and black hair as dark as the night sky in the heavens, chatting to a young girl about the same age with brown hair and deep chocolate eyes, he couldn't look away from them, especially when he noticed a chain coming from the young girl's chest; the boy was chatting to a spirit, although Ryo had the ability to see the dead, he hadn't seen any until this point of time but the girl's spirit noticed him looking, blushing in a shy way as she turned to look at him, interrupting the boy to speak.

    "Mister, you can see me?" The girl asked, the boy turned around to look at well, his eyes seemingly glowing with a light blue aura that children often have, Ryo felt a shiver down his spine before being able to answer with some amount of composure.

    "Y-yeah, I mean of course I can, little one, may I ask your name?" Ryo asked, the girl went red and the boy with her snicked before she looked up again.

    "M-my name is Akiko Haruko and this is..." before she had a chance to say his name, the boy offered his hand to him.

    "...Luke Yasenha, nice to meet you, mister samurai-san" Luke introduced himself to him, although he wasn't wearing the full combat gear of a samurai, his clothes were of the finest material and he wore the tradition blades by his right side: a katana and a wakizashi, a casual uniform of a samurai, even though his clothes were a deep cobalt, his favorite color. Ryo felt unsure whether it was polite to shake the hand of a lower class then his own but he didn't feel like being some heartless person and shook the boy's hand.

    "My name is Ryo Akiyama, I am pleased to have met you two; Akiko Haruko and Luke Yasenha, I won't forget either of you, do you think we can play with each other sometime?" Ryo said smiling, the boy smiled back, grinning ear to ear.

    "Alright, Akiyama-san, I'll see you later then, come on Akiko-chan" Luke said happily before taking Akiko's hand and running down the street, although to anyone not spiritual aware, it had been only Ryo and Luke talking in the street.

    The following day, Ryo left for the city to find his friend, only to not find him anyway, not even the girl spirit that was with him until he found her hiding under a candle-lit lamppost, she was clearly distraught, sobbing into her hands and didn't notice his approach until she felt a hand gently brushing through her hair, looking up through her chocolate-covered eyes, fresh tears running down her cheeks.

    "What happened, Akiko-chan?" Ryo asked, concerned to what happened that made a pure soul like her's so sad, she wiped the tears from her eyes and looked at him again.

    "It-It's Luke, he's...He's..." she couldn't even finish the sentence before bursting into tears again, Ryo sighed calmly and picked the girl up in his arms, holding her tight, his eyes showed his determination to find out what happened so he rushed through the market place as he held her, she held onto him and look up at him.

    "A-Akiyama-san, how are you going to find him? you have no idea where he lives...B-but I can show you, he used to lead me back to his home, please mister, let me help you..." Ryo then stopped in a alleyway and looked at the soul in his arms.

    "Ok me the way, Akiko-chan" Ryo told her, setting her down gently so she could lead the way.

    She ran off, looking back every so often to make sure Ryo was following her through the winding streets of Kagoshima's market place and back passages. Eventually after ten minutes of running through those cobbled streets, they found Luke's house; a modest home for a middle-class family of a traditional Japanese home with grand red sliding doors around the outside of the house and a large cherry blossom tree that reached up to the top window of the house.

    "This is the place and that's the tree that I used to get into the house but now..." Akiko told Ryo, her voice quivering, tears welling up in her eyes, "...I can't get in anymore, this place feels so heavy and cold and then...I...I heard a man say that he had been killed in his own home" as she spoke about what happened in the house, lightning flashed as rain started to come down, guards were coming down to seal off the area and investigate what happened but Ryo had a strange feeling that they weren't going to find anything conclusive but then again, it felt so strange to to have only met him, only to have the chance to make a friend disappear like that. He took the crying spirit into his arms and took her away from the house that made the heavens weep back to his quarters in his lord's castle to allow her to grieve for her friend in peace.

    Six years passed since that fateful day, Ryo had become a fine young man, courageous, strong in mind as well as in body, although he always enjoyed playing with Akiko when he could, the first few days after the boy's death, Akiko cried none stop and it was hard to explain to anyone entering his room who made the crying as only he could see her and it wouldn't have been a wise move to tell them he had a spirit as it was a taboo to have one around back in those days so he told them he had imaginary friends and one of them was sad and cried a lot, which was the sound they were making. Although this made him appear mad in the eyes of his fellow samurai and they had made their discomfort show in their unfriendly treatment of him, giving him a extra stretch during training, "accidentally" pushing him around and talking behind his back when he wasn't looking, although Ryo could hear, he instead used their mocking to strengthen his resolve and his mind.

    Once Akiko had calmed down, he would play with her in the evenings once he had returned from a hard day's training as it seemed to keep her calm and happy to have someone playing with her, possibly reminding her of the good times she had with Luke. But this was not to last as he found one day that he was to take up his first active mission as a samurai of lord Hiroshi, a routine escort mission to a nearby province under the control of lord Hiroshi. He would come to his room while Akiko was playing with a doll he had bought for her.

    "Akiko-chan, I'll be going away for a while, lord Hiroshi wishes me to go help some people reach a nearby province, I maybe gone for a few days, will you be ok being here by yourself while I'm away?" He would ask her, kneeling down as his adult frame now towered over her own child one to stroke her head, running his fingers through her hair.

    "I'll be ok but I don't want you to get hurt, so please come back to me, Ryo-san, promise me you will and I'll believe you" She would ask him, half smiling but her voice still carried six years of grief and lost on top of the fact she was already dead to begin with, she had been through a lot, he could only help her when she needed a shoulder to cry one, a friend to play with or to talk to but he couldn't heal all her pain, no matter how much he wanted to. He nodded, smiling gently to try and help reassure her.

    "I promise on my honor that I will return to you alive, Akiko-chan, please stay calm for me and try to keep smiling, it will do you good, now please, behave yourself, I'll be back, I promise..." Ryo told her before he stood up and grabbed his swords, leaving the lone soul to her doll as he headed to the armory to suit up and get his equipment. The other samurai on the mission were there already, getting their armor on, as blue as the sea, a color Ryo had grown fond of: cobalt, the other samurai muttered to themselves about him talking to himself again but Ryo had grown so used to this meaningless gossip that he didn't even hear it anymore, like a smell that once your around it enough, you stop noticing altogether and went to get his samurai armor on, taking his katana and sliding it inside the back mounted sheath on his back while his wakizashi in a side mounted sheath on his right side and finally, the mask, shaped like a kappa and a Harikake kabuto. Once ready, Ryo and a squad of three other samurai headed out to the main courtyard where a merchant was waiting for them.

    The Closing Years Part Two:
    Ryo peered into the merchant's wagon, he carried fine china and paintings that were either done himself or done by other artists in the local area for sale in the nearby provinces. when the mechant came over to him, apparently annoyed.

    "Unless your buying something, Samurai-san, then stop eyeing my products, these are for my good customers in the Matsumoto province, now let's get moving, I can't keep them waiting you know" He ranted at Ryo, who sighed in response, moving away from the wagon and looking to the merchant.

    "Alright, Merchant-san, we'll escort you to Matsumoto in one peace, although you can never know with bandits these days, tricky bastards, they always hide and kill from the darkness, how dishonorable..." Ryo spoke harshly of the possibility of bandits along the route to Matsumoto province before turning his head to his fellow samurai, "...Alright, let's get going then" Ryo told them as the currently leader of their squad put them each other one side of the wagon, Ryo got the right side while the others were position in each of the other directions a attack could come from before the merchant go up on his wagon and taking the whip, whacked the horses to get them going out the gate of the castle to the open track with the samurai and Ryo following very closely.

    They had only just started onto the mud-coated pathway of the side pathways when the rain came down heavily upon the scene, for Ryo, it reminded himself of that day, six years ago where Akiko's friend was killed.

    "It's raining heavily...just like that day...even six years cannot make me forget what happened to poor Akiko-chan...her tears ran down her face along with the rain, it was such a tragedy that I never got to see him again and play together like he promised..."Ryo spoke sadly to himself as he watched the heavens weep in sadness like that day that felt like it only happened yesterday.

    Unfortunately for Ryo, the samurai that was standing at the back of the convoy noticed Ryo staring into space, watching the rain fall and a he felt a grin grow on his face as he had a chance to mock him. He Raised his hand to the lips of his mask to speak more towards Ryo.

    "Hey, are you thinking of your imaginary friends, Manuke-san?"He spoke in a mocking fashion towards Ryo, who turned around on a dime, a grim stare that would hide his burning hatred of his fellows before taking a breath to respond, his breath becoming visible due to the combination of the rain making things cooler and the pathway they were taking was heading towards one of the many mountain pathways and it was always colder up at the heights of the grand mountains of Japan.

    "Why does my state of mind concern you when you should be doing your job? besides, everyone knows out of all the samurai here, your the biggest Bakushiri Seppun in the entire army so just go do what you do best" Ryo taunted back with a insult of his own, the samurai went red in his helmet and almost went to draw his sword but at the last moment, the samurai that was on the other side to Ryo rushed over and put his hand on the handle of the angered samurai's katana before he could draw his sword against Ryo.

    "Jeez, Makoto-san, you can be such a baka sometimes and to be honest, you were asking for that..." He told him, sighing before Makoto shrugged him off, giving a disgusted growl.

    "Screw you, Katsumi, I know the kid is good and all but he keeps talking to himself, it's a bad omen, I tell you and it will get us killed, we never should of let him join us in the first place, creepy bastard..." Makoto yelled angry at Katsumi before he slapped him with enough force to turn his head.

    "And you should learn respect, Makoto-san, you know well enough those were just rumors by you and the others to bully him and has nothing to do with his fighting ability or his sanity, if you can't keep yourself in line, I suggest you go back to our lord in failure and pray to the gods he doesn't have you killed for your cowardice, besides, drawing a sword against your fellows is no way for a samurai to behave" Katsumi growled back, with that one threat, Makoto forced himself to calm down and return to his posting behind the convoy, muttering curses on Ryo and Katsumi as he dragged his feet behind them.

    Ryo was glad for the help, it showed that not everyone hated him and that what they said about him were just superstitious rumors to undermine him but he had only used it as motivation to make himself stronger.

    It was well into the arms of the night before they reached the mountain range between the Kagoshima and Matsumoto provinces, since it would be too dangerous to continue traversing the mountain range in the dark with all the possible ways to be killed in the mountains without the aid of the bandits's blades and arrows to contend with, the samurai in charge decided that that the best course of action was to camp in a cave facing towards the snow-capped mountains, which got the merchant into a right state.

    "Now you listen here, samurai-san, I'm not stopping, I have to be in Matsumoto by tomorrow, you understand? I can't stay here!" The merchant yelled at the leader, who was calling upon all his years of patience to not slap the merchant for his rash and rather stupid behavior.

    "Now listen here, you maybe the client but we will not go into the mountains in these conditions with the possibility of getting ambushed and possibly killed and...your products getting either destroyed in the battle or being sold elsewhere, either way, we won't be letting you out of here until the morning when we can see where we going, if you don't like it, go back to Kagoshima and get someone else for your suicide mission, do you understand?!"The leader growled at the merchant, he wasn't in a pleasent mood normally and was rarely in a good mood for anything with properly as short if not shorter fuse then the merchant did and the threat of losing his precious cargo made the merchant go lay against the side of the cave, his arms folded across his chest with his legs inside the folds with a angry look on his face as he sulked, Makoto and Katsumi were standing guard next to the wagon carrying the precious works of art while Ryo came up to feed the horses their grain while gently stroking the hair that grew along the top of its neck, Ryo was quite fold of horses and it was one of the few comforts being a samurai had was that he could be alone for a few hours and care for the animals, talk to them as he felt the animals he looked after were more civil then his fellows as he felt he could tell them about his worries and he felt like they listened, providing him with some much needed relief from the everyday stresses of his life with training, dealing with simple minded people he had to call his fellows and Akiko-chan.

    "I wonder how your doing now, Akiko-chan? you must be lonely without me there, there wasn't really many that were able to see you in the first place but now, it seems I, alone have the gift of the sight that pierces the worlds of the living and the dead...I hope your alright, I think if this had just been you and me, I think you would of liked the view from here...but that is only a dream but maybe one day, I'll take you here, I think I'll enjoy that" Ryo thought to himself, a slightly smile creaking from his lips as he thought of being here with Akiko, camping here at night and watching the stars come out across the snow covered mountains.

    He finished feeding the horses and grooming them, He went to his side of the cave, the fire dimly lightning the walls of stone and only just keeping the edge off the cold but their armour was packed with thick underclothing, perfect for conditions like this so he laid his head against the stone wall, letting the helmet he wore cushion his head against it and fell asleep, dreaming of him, Akiko and Luke playing together as children like Luke had promised to do the day before his death over six years ago.

    They rose in time with the rising sun as it's early morning red light broke into the restful night and, with them getting the merchant up who was still in a bad mood with the commander so he kept to himself on his wagon and kept the horses moving, although it didn't take more then half a hour to get through most of the mountain range, traversing the range at night would have been suicide if they had continued on the current path with the way only just wide enough for the wagon, if the merchant had made one mistake, it would have cost him his life and his stock with him. Although from the curse words that the merchant muttered under his breath, aimed at the commander, it looked like he hated being proved wrong, especially by someone he considered just hired muscle.

    They eventually reached the opposite side of the range, entering into a dense forest of pine trees. Ryo could smell the damp moss to seeing the light mist hanging on top the pine trees, creating a natural canopy but Ryo felt uneasy, almost to the point of feeling sick.

    "Something not's right...this feeling..." Ryo thought to himself before he felt his head vibrate within his helmet and everything suddenly fell into sharp focus, he could see the tiny patterns in the bark of the tree to noticing the movement of the little ants on the leaves on a nearby bush but what suddenly got picked up on Ryo's senses was the shuffling of leaves to a bush about five meters behind them, then a step, then the sound of gears grinding as something was being worked, possibly a crossbow with a auto-loading system that used gears to pull back an nocked arrow back into its firing position. Ryo would then stop, holding his head before looking around.

    "Who will they attack?...the one at the back?...yes, that way, if the one at the back went down, we wouldn't have time to react before they came down at us, giving them the upper hand" Ryo thought to himself, drawing the mental scene in his head of Makoto getting shot down but with Ryo, Katsumi and the commander no time to react before the bandits would desend upon them, giving them the upper hand at the start of the battle.

    So as Ryo heard the grinding noise stop, as soon as Makoto walked by behind the convoy, Ryo would suddenly turn on the stop and charge Makoto and tackled him to the ground, just as the bandit holding the crossbow fired a bolt where Makoto was standing, hitting the back of the wagon instead of the samurai target he had hoped for.

    "What the hell do you think your doing?!" Makoto yelled angrily at Ryo who was on top of him before he rolled off to dodge another bolt as it passed over Ryo's face.

    "We're under attack, you baka, let's get into positions" Ryo yelled back before he flipped himself up onto his feet, drawing his katana from his back holster with his left hand and his wakizashi from his right side sheath with his right hand as he readied himself for the attack he knew was coming as Makoto, Katsumi and the commander all readied themselves, drawing their katanas and surrounded the convoy, the commander turned to the now scared merchant after hearing the crossbow bolts being fired.

    "Get into your wagon and don't come out until this is over, understand?!" The commander yelled at the merchant, who instead of arguing, did what he was told and hid himself inside his wagon with his valuables, taking a fetal position to try and cover the important parts of his body.

    "Here they come..." Ryo spoke softly, hearing the rustling of the leaves before the sudden movement as bandits, dressed with light leather armour with black garments that were traditional for bandits operating in the local area and all four quickly became engaged with their opponents as Ryo blocked a sword strike from the bandit in front before twisting around and lifting the bandit up into the air and flung him into the bandit coming behind him before quickly shifting his weight around and made a quick sliding motion with his blade pointed behind him to impale the bandit coming behind him before slicing upwards with a grunt, slicing both his torso and his head then coming back around to slash through another bandit's body, letting the two halves fall to the ground and letting the bandit live the last few seconds of his life grabbing at his intestines and blood that pour out from his body.

    Makoto saw the display of Ryo's combat prowess and was shocked by how well he did. He managed to cut down his bandit and the one that had fired the bolt that would have killed him if not for Ryo's hypersensitivity and quick thinking, but he couldn't help but fear just how unnaturally good Ryo was.

    "Is this even possible? To think that someone like him can do something like this? it's inconceivable," Makoto thought as the rest of Ryo's group pushed the remaining bandits back. Katsumi came up to Ryo as he had noticed that Ryo's hand was shaking, making his swords shake. Although when he put his hand on Ryo's shoulder, Ryo suddenly twisted, placing his wakizashi against his throat, his face looking stressed and shocked before he removed the blade. Katsumi was about to saying something when the commander came over.

    "Leave him, Katsumi, his mind has been taxed greatly, so give him some space to recover his thoughts," The commander said to Katsumi with his hand on his shoulder before pulling back to clean his sword and see to the merchant. Katsumi looked to Ryo and followed the commander's advice and left him alone to calm down.

    "Whatever has caused Ryo's senses to become to this superhuman level to save Makoto's life and defeat the bandits almost single handedly must take a great toll on his mind to gather all that information, I only hope that he recovers soon, although to do this sort of thing as his first mission away from the castle, I only wonder if the pressure got too much," Katsumi thought before sitting down to clean his gear, his eyes every so often looked to Ryo where he sat, looking to the forest as if looking for answers to some unknown question.

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